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Polymer Journal
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Study of Poly(L-aspartic acid). I. Laser Raman Spectrometry
( pp.345 - 351 )
P. Lagant1), G. Vergoten2), C. Loucheux1) and G. Fleury3)

Studies on Microstructure of Poly(trifluoroethylene) Chain by Fluorine-19 NMR and Monte Carlo Simulation
( pp.353 - 358 )
Toshiharu Yagi1)

Radiation-Induced Graft Polymerization of 4-Vinylpyridine on Polyethylene
( pp.359 - 364 )
A. M. Rabie1), M. I. Aly2), S. A. Hegazy2) and N. I. El-Awady3)

Kinetic Studies on the Cationic Polymerization of 1,3-Dioxolane Initiated with Methyl Fluorosulfonate
( pp.365 - 370 )
Yasuaki Yokoyama1), Masahiko Okada1) and Hiroshi Sumitomo1)

Studies on Polymers Having High Dielectric Constants. IX. Blend Polymers Consisting of Highly Conducting Monomeric- TCNQ Salts and Insulating Polymers
( pp.371 - 375 )
Shinobu Ikeno1), Masaaki Yokoyama1) and Hiroshi Mikawa1)

Cyclopolymerization. VIII. Polymerization of sym-Dimethacryloyldimethylhydrazine and Related Compounds
( pp.377 - 381 )
Toshiyuki Kodaira1), Kazuyuki Yamazaki1) and Tadahiro Kitoh1)

Plastic Deformation of Oriented Lamellae. II. Hot Rolling of β-Phase Isotactic Polypropylene
( pp.383 - 390 )
Tsutomu Asano1), Yasuna Fujiwara1) and Toshiho Yoshida1)

Studies on Chitin. II. Preparation of Benzyl and Benzoylchitins
( pp.391 - 396 )
Oyin Somorin1), Norio Nishi1), Seiichi Tokura1) and Junzo Noguchi1)

13C- and Water Proton-Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation of Cu(II)–Poly(D-glutamic acid) Complex in Aqueous Solution
( pp.397 - 403 )
Toshifumi Hiraoki1), Motozo Kaneko1) and Kunio Hikichi1)

Superacids and Their Derivatives. X. Mechanistic Studies of Selective Cyclodimerization of Ethylene Oxide by Superacid Ester Catalysts
( pp.405 - 412 )
Shiro Kobayashi1), Kenji Morikawa1) and Takeo Saegusa1)

Application of Light Scattering from a Dielectric Cylinder Based upon Mie and Rayleigh–Gans–Born Theories to Polymer Systems. III. An Application to Polymer Composites
( pp.413 - 423 )
Yukikazu Uemura1), Takeji Hashimoto1) and Hiromichi Kawai1)

Dimeric Termination of Living Polystyrene in the Reaction with Benzyl Chloride1
( pp.425 - 428 )
Mikio Takaki1), Ryuzo Asami1) and Yoshiyasu Kuwata1)



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