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Polymer Journal
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Characteristics of Water in Polypeptide Membrane
( pp.475 - 481 )
Takatoshi Kinoshita1), Tetsuya Tanigami1), Shintaroh Washizu1), Sadanobu Hayashi1), Akira Takizawa1) and Yoshiharu Tsujita1)

Relationship between Elastic Recovery and Macroscopic- and Microscopic-Structures of Hydrogenated Polybutadiene Films
( pp.483 - 494 )
Akira Tanaka1), Yasuhiro Saihara1) and Shigeharu Onogi1)

A Chemorheological Equation of State for the Stress Relaxation of Elastomers
( pp.495 - 498 )
Michael C. H. Lee1) and Mitchel Shen1)

Estimation of Molecular Weight in Terms of the Gel Effect in Radical Polymerization
( pp.499 - 506 )
Katsukiyo Ito1)

Mean-Field Theory on Temperature–Concentration Diagram of Polymer Solutions
( pp.507 - 509 )
Tomo-o Oyama1) and Kohzoh Shiokawa1)

The β-Conformation of Poly(S-[(3-hydroxypropyl)-carbamoylmethyl]-L-cysteine) in Aqueous Mixtures of D2O, Aliphatic Alcohols, and Acetic Acid
( pp.511 - 520 )
Tetsuo Tomiyama1) and Shoichi Ikeda1)

Dissolution Process and Dissolved State of Cellulose in Dimethylformamide–Chloral–Pyridine System
( pp.521 - 534 )
Kenji Kamide1), Kunihiko Okajima1), Toshihiko Matsui1) and Sei-ichi Manabe1)

The Formation of Butane in the Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate with Butyllithium
( pp.535 - 537 )
Koichi Hatada1), Tatsuki Kitayama1) and Heimei Yuki1)



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