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Polymer Journal
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Van der Waals-like Equations of State. I. Application to Pure Liquids
( pp.993 - 1002 )
Koichi Fujisawa1), Tomoo Shiomi1), Fumiyuki Hamada1) and Akio Nakajima1)

Van der Waals-like Equations of State. II. Application to n-Alkane Mixtures and Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Solutions
( pp.1003 - 1008 )
Koichi Fujisawa1), Tomoo Shiomi1), Fumiyuki Hamada1), Akio Nakajima1) and Jang-oo Lee1)

Dielectric Relaxations in Poly(ethylene oxide): Dependence on Molecular Weight
( pp.1009 - 1017 )
Kazunori Se1), Keiichiro Adachi1) and Tadao Kotaka1)

Adsorption of a Synthetic Rubber onto a White Carbon Surface
( pp.1019 - 1025 )
Masami Kawaguchi1), Tatsuya Sano1) and Akira Takahashi1)

Morphological Study of Hydrophilic–Hydrophobic Polymer System by Inverse Gas Chromatography: Physical Blends of Poly(ethylene oxide) with Polystyrene
( pp.1027 - 1035 )
Toshimitsu Suzuki1), Yoshimasa Murakami1), Tomoyuki Inui1) and Yoshinobu Takegami1)

Quasielastic Light Scattering Measurements of Polystyrene Latices and Conformation of Poly(oxyethylene) Adsorbed on the Latices
( pp.1037 - 1043 )
Tadaya Kato1), Kimiaki Nakamura1), Masami Kawaguchi1) and Akira Takahashi1)

Studies on the Mechanism of Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate in Tetrahydrofuran with Butyllithium at −78°C by Using Perdeuterated Monomer
( pp.1045 - 1054 )
Koichi Hatada1), Tatsuki Kitayama1), Seiji Okahata1) and Heimei Yuki1)

Configurational Characteristics of Poly(oxy-1,1-dimethylethylene). I. Conformational Energies Estimated from the Analysis of the Dipole Moment Data of 1,2-Dimethoxy-2-methylpropane, a Monomer Model
( pp.1055 - 1061 )
Kazuhiro Kato1), Kazuo Araki2) and Akihiro Abe1)

Configurational Characteristics of Poly(oxy-1,1-dimethylethylene). II. Conformations around the Skeletal C–C Bond as Determined by the Vicinal 13C-1H Coupling Constant Studies
( pp.1063 - 1068 )
Isao Ando1), Kazuo Sato2), Kazuhiro Kato1) and Akihiro Abe1)

Configurational Characteristics of Poly(oxy-1,1-dimethylethylene). III. Configuration-Dependent Properties of the Polymer Chain
( pp.1069 - 1073 )
Akihiro Abe1), Isao Ando1), Kazuhiro Kato1) and Ichitaro Uematsu1)



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