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Polymer Journal
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Cocrystallization and Copolymerization of Diacetylenes: Some Novel Observations
( pp.1075 - 1083 )
G. G. Miller1) and G. N. Patel1)

Study of Phase-Diagram and Copolymerization of p-Ethoxy-p′-acryloyloxy-azobeiizene with Cholesteryl Acrylate
( pp.1085 - 1092 )
K. Nyitrai1), F. Cser1) and G. Hardy1)

Cationic Polymerization of Vinyl Monomers Initiated by Carbon Black Surface
( pp.1093 - 1097 )
Norio Tsubokawa1), Naoki Takeda1) and Tetsuo Iwasa1)

Active Species in Anionic Polymerization of Phenylbutadienes —Reactivity of Model Anions—
( pp.1099 - 1110 )
Yasushi Tsuji1), Toshimitsu Suzuki1), Yoshihisa Watanabe1) and Yoshinobu Takegami1)

A Double Solvent-Induced β-Coil Transition of Poly-(S-[(3-hydroxypropyl)carbamoylmethyl]-L-cysyteine) in Aqueous Hexafluoro-2-propanol Mixtures
( pp.1111 - 1117 )
Tetsuo Tomiyama1) and Shoichi Ikeda1)

Molecular Weight Dependence of Critical Amplitudes in Polymer Solutions
( pp.1119 - 1123 )
Kenji Shinozaki1) and Takuhei Nose1)

Homogeneous Graft Copolymerization of Vinyl Monomers onto Cellulose in a Dimethyl Sulfoxide– Paraformaldehyde Solvent System. I. Acrylonitrile and Methyl Methacrylate
( pp.1125 - 1133 )
Noboru Nishioka1) and Kouichi Kosai1)

Triple Helix of Scleroglucan in Dilute Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide
( pp.1135 - 1143 )
Toshio Yanaki1), Takemasa Kojima1) and Takashi Norisuye2)

Evaluation of the Unperturbed Dimension by Using Potential Energy Surface
( pp.1145 - 1149 )
Tomo-o Oyama1) and Kohzoh Shiokawa1)

Convenient Preparation of Poly(L-histidine) by the Direct Polymerization of L-Histidine or Nim-Benzyl-L-histidine with Diphenylphosphoryl Azide
( pp.1151 - 1154 )
Takumi Naruse1), Bun-ichiro Nakajima1), Akihiro Tsutsumi1) and Norio Nishi1)



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