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Polymer Journal
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Grafting Vinyl Monomers onto Modified Cellulose: Potassium Peroxydiphosphate-Induced Graft Copolymerization of Methyl Methacrylate onto Oxidized Cellulose
( pp.305 - 311 )
Munmaya Kumar Mishra, Subasini Lenka and Atanu Kumar Tripathy

Stereoregularity of Polystyrenes Obtained by Different Ion-Pairs and Mechanism of Polymerization
( pp.313 - 317 )
Satira Suparno2), Jacques Lacoste1), Serge Raynal3), Joseph Sledz1) and François Schué1)

Determination of Chemical Composition Distribution in a High-Conversion Copolymer of Styrene and Methyl Acrylate by Cross Fractionation
( pp.319 - 323 )
Shinya Teramachi1), Akire Hasegawa1), Satoshi Hasegawa1) and Tsutomu Ishibe1)

Effect of Molecular Weight Dependence of the χ-Parameter on Phase Equilibrium of Multicomponent Polymer–Single Solvent System: Comparison of Theory with Experiment
( pp.325 - 341 )
Kenji Kamide1) and Yukio Miyazaki1)

Thermal Dissociation of Urethanes
( pp.343 - 349 )
Yuhsuke Kawakami1), R. A. N. Murthy1) and Yuya Yamashita1)

The Partial Specific Volume and Preferential Interactions of Poly(vinyl alcohol) in Aqueous Borax Solutions
( pp.351 - 356 )
Hiroshi Ochiai1), Yoshifumi Fujino1), Yuji Tadokoro2) and Ichiro Murakami1)

Crystallite Size Analysis of Pressure-Crystallized Polyethylene by Nitric Acid Etching and Gel-Permeation Chromatography. I. Extended-Chain Crystals
( pp.357 - 369 )
Yoji Maeda1) and Hisaaki Kanetsuna1)

Crystallite Size Analysis of Pressure-Crystallized Polyethylene by Nitric Acid Etching and Gel-Permeation Chromatography. II. Folded-Chain Crystals and Ordinary Extended-Chain Crystals
( pp.371 - 384 )
Yoji Maeda1) and Hisaaki Kanetsuna1)

Dielectric Relaxations of Water Molecules Occluded in Polymeric Media: Some Hydrophobic Polymer Systems
( pp.385 - 397 )
Toshitake Suzuki1), Keiichiro Adachi1) and Tadao Kotaka1)

Quasi-Chemical Treatment of the Hole Theory for r-Mers. I. Pure Liquids
( pp.399 - 406 )
Mamoru Okada1) and Takuhei Nose1)

Alternating Copolymerization of CO2 and Propylene Oxide with the Catalysts Prepared from Zn(OH)2 and Various Dicarboxylic Acids
( pp.407 - 410 )
Kazuo Soga1), Eikichi Imai1) and Iwakazu Hattori1)

Photoresponse of Polystyrene Having Malachite Green Leucohydroxide Side Groups
( pp.411 - 412 )
Naoki Negishi1), Katsuaki Tsunemitsu1) and Isao Shinohara1)



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