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Polymer Journal
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Dielectric Properties of Oligomers. VIII. The Dielectric Properties of Model Molecules for Poly(vinyl acetate)
( pp.413 - 419 )
Eiji Ikada1), Kazunari Shounaka1) and Michio Ashida1)

Dilute Solution Properties of Water-Soluble Incompletely Substituted Cellulose Acetate
( pp.421 - 431 )
Kenji Kamide1), Masatoshi Saito1) and Tatsuyuki Abe1)

Synthesis and Molecular Characterization of A–B–A Tri-Block Copolymers Composed of Poly(γ-ethyl L-glutamate) as the A Component and Polybutadiene as the B Component
( pp.433 - 442 )
Guan- Wen Chen1), Toshio Hayashi1) and Akio Nakajima1)

Studies on Aggregation of Molecular Chains and Gas Permeation for Poly(spiro[2,4]hepta-4,6-diene) Composed of Rigid and Semi-Rigid Sequences
( pp.443 - 451 )
Seiji Hayashi1), Tisato Kajiyama1) and Motowo Takayanagi1)

Determination of the Absolute Rate Constants for Free-Radical Polymerization
( pp.453 - 457 )
Kuo Jen-Feng1) and Chen Chuh-Yung1)

Mechanism of Permselectivity of Porous Polymeric Membranes in Ultrafiltration Process
( pp.459 - 479 )
Kenji Kamide1) and Sei-ichi Manabe1)

The Effect of Spin-Trapping Agent on Electron Spin Resonance Spectra of Spin Labelled Polyethylene
( pp.481 - 486 )
Somsak Vivatpanachart1), Hiroyasu Nomura1) and Yutaka Miyahara1)

Monomer-Isomerization Oligomerization of Methylenecyclohexane and Methylenecyclopentane by Acidic Catalysts
( pp.487 - 492 )
Toshinobu Higashimura1), Toshihiro Sagane1) and Hiroshi Hasegawa1)

Temperature Effect on Ferroelectric Polarization Switching in Poly(vinylidene fluoride)
( pp.493 - 499 )
Kazumi Matsushige1), Satoshi Imada1) and Tetuo Takemura1)

An Apparatus for High Speed Measurements of Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Profiles with a Linear Position Sensitive Detector
( pp.501 - 516 )
Takeji Hashimoto1), Shoji Suehiro1), Mitsuhiro Shibayama1), Kenji Sauo1) and Hiromichi Kawai1)

Binding of Organic Solutes to a Polymer Containing Pendant Sugar Groups
( pp.517 - 519 )
Kazukiyo Kobayashi1) and Hiroshi Sumitomo1)



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