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Polymer Journal
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Functional Polymers. VII. Ethyl 4-Vinyl-α-cyano-β-phenylcinnamate
( pp.521 - 536 )
Y. Sumida1) and O. Vogl1)

The Conformation of Amylose in Solution. I.
( pp.537 - 541 )
Akira Hayashi1), Kyosuke Kinoshita1) and Yasuo Miyake1)

Photoelastic Studies of Some Polybutadiene Networks
( pp.543 - 553 )
James E. Mark1) and Miguel A. Llorente1)

Dilute Solution Properties of Cyclized Polybutadiene
( pp.555 - 561 )
Kazuhiko Yamamoto1), Nobuo Bessho1), Toru Shiibashi1) and Etsuji Maekawa1)

Cationic Oligomerization of p-Hydroxystyrenes: Selective Preparation of Linear Styrene Dimers with Functional Groups
( pp.563 - 568 )
Toshinobu Higashimura1) and Misao Hiza1)

Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of DL Mixtures of Poly(γ-benzyl glutamate)
( pp.569 - 571 )
Masayuki Tokita1), Yuji Yamashita1) and Kunio Hikichi1)

Asymmetric Reduction of Poly(isopropenyl methyl ketone) via Rhodium(I)-Catalyzed Hydrosilylation
( pp.573 - 577 )
Michio Kawai1) and Toshio Masuda1)

Dielectric Study on Cooperative Motion of Side Chain of Copoly(γ-methyl L-glutamate, γ-p-chlorobenzyl L-glutamate) in the Solid State
( pp.579 - 585 )
Shin Yagihara1) and Kunio Hikichi1)

Sol–Gel Transition of Fractionated Low Density Polyethylene in Cyclohexane–Carbondisulfide Mixed Solvent
( pp.587 - 590 )
Hideomi Matsuda1), Kazuhiro Araki1), Hitoshi Fujimatsu1) and Shigetaka Kuroiwa1)

Quasi-Chemical Treatment of the Hole Theory for r-Mers. II. Mixtures
( pp.591 - 598 )
Mamoru Okada1) and Takuhei Nose1)

A New Method for Obtaining Local Ordering in Amorphous Polymers from X-Ray Scattering Intensity
( pp.599 - 602 )
Mikio Numakawa1) and Akira Odajima1)

Studies on the Formation of Regular Stacks of Benzyl Groups in Racemic Poly(γ-benzyl glutamate) Films
( pp.603 - 606 )
Junji Watanabe1), Kazumichi Imai1), Kenichi Kosaka2), Akihiro Abe1) and Ichitaro Uematsu1)

Inclusion Complex Formation of Cyclodextrin with Large Dye Molecule
( pp.607 - 610 )
Hidefumi Hirai1), Naoki Toshima1) and Satoshi Uenoyama1)

Application of the Acoustic Emission Technique to the Investigation of Fracture Processes in Glassy Polymers. II.
( pp.611 - 613 )
Tetsuya Nishiura1), Takashi Joh1), Shogo Okuda2) and Masanobu Miki2)



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