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Polymer Journal
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Some Mathematical Formulations of Electrochemical Polymerization Kinetics
( pp.1 - 8 )
S. N. Bhadani1), R. S. Prasad1) and G. Parravano2)

Liquid Crystal Polymers. V. Thermotropic Polyesters with Either Dyad or Triad Aromatic Ester Mesogenic Units and Flexible Polymethylene Spacers in the Main Chain
( pp.9 - 17 )
C. Ober1), J-I. Jin1) and R. W. Lenz1)

Structural Studies on Linear Polyurethanes. II. Crystal and Molecular Structures of Aliphatic Polyurethanes from Trimethylene Diisocyanate, and Tetra- and Hexa-Methylene Glycols
( pp.19 - 31 )
Yasushi Saito1), Kazuaki Hara1) and Shigetake Kinoshita1)

Molecular Weight and Conformation of Poly(S-[(3-hydroxypropyl)-carbamoylmethyl]-L-cysteine) in Various Solvents
( pp.33 - 42 )
Shoichi Ikeda1) and Tetsuo Tomiyama1)

A Broadline NMR Study of the Molecular Motions in Aromatic Polyamides: Poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide) and Poly(m-phenylene isophthalamide)
( pp.43 - 50 )
Ichiro Suglya1), Shodo Kobayashi1), Shigeo Iwayanagi1) and Toshiyuki Shibata2)

Glass Transition of Oligostyrene with Different End Groups
( pp.51 - 57 )
Tatsuko Hatakeyama1) and Mitsuru Serizawa1)

Polymerization of Bicyclic Acetals. IX. Cationic Polymerization of 4-Bromo-6,8-dioxabicyclo[3.2.1]octane
( pp.59 - 68 )
Masahiko Okada1), Hiroshi Sumitomo1) and Akira Sumi1)

Tacticity Dependence of Molecular Motion in Crystal of Poly(vinyl alcohol)
( pp.69 - 72 )
Masanobu Nagura1), Shuji Matsuzawa1), Kazuo Yamaura1) and Hiroshi Ishikawa1)

Charge-Transfer Fluorescence Quenching by Electric Fields
( pp.73 - 75 )
Masaaki Yokoyama1), Akitoshi Matsubara1), Shigeru Shimokihara1) and Hiroshi Mikawa1)

Charge Carrier Photogeneration in the CT Complex Sensitization of Photoconducting Polymers
( pp.77 - 79 )
Masaaki Yokoyama1), Shigeru Shimokihara1), Akitoshi Matsubara1) and Hiroshi Mikawa1)

Trap-Free Drift Mobility in Poly(N-vinylcarbazole)
( pp.81 - 83 )
Masaie Fujino1), Hiroshi Mikawa1) and Masaaki Yokoyama1)



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