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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.14 No.10 (1982)

Polymer Journal
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Hot Drawing of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene
( pp.757 - 766 )
Akira Kaito1), Kazuo Nakayama1) and Hisaaki Kanetsuna1)

Effect of Monomer Functionality and Concentration on Gelation in Non-Linear Random Polymerization
( pp.767 - 772 )
Z. Ahmed1) and R. F. T. Stepto1)

The Structure and Properties of Copolyaspartate I. Copoly(butyl-L-aspartate-benzyl-L-aspartate)
( pp.773 - 779 )
Yoshiharu Tsujita1), Mikio Fukagawa2) and Ichitaro Uematsu2)

The Structure and Properties of Copolyaspartate II. Copoly(ethyl-L-aspartate-benzyl-L-aspartate) and Copoly(methyl-L-aspartate-benzyl-L-aspartate)
( pp.781 - 788 )
Yoshiharu Tsujita1), Mikio Fukagawa2) and Ichitaro Uematsu2)

Copolymerization Behavior of β-Angelica Lactone and Styrene in the Presence of Organoaluminum Chlorides
( pp.789 - 796 )
Tadamichi Hirabayashi1) and Kenji Yokota1)

Reaction Mechanism of Direct Polycondensation with Triphenylphosphine and Hexachloroethane
( pp.797 - 801 )
Guo-chuang Wu1), Hozumi Tanaka1), Kohei Sanui1) and Naoya Ogata1)

Studies of Molecular Motions in Acylchitin Films by Means of Spin-Probe Technique
( pp.803 - 808 )
Katsuaki Kaifu1), Takashi Komai1) and Akihiro Tsutsumi1)

Gel-Permeation Chromatography and Intrinsic Viscosity of Poly(4-vinylbenzyltrimethylammonium chloride) in Aqueous Solution
( pp.809 - 814 )
Yuji Higo1), Yoshio Kato1), Masaki Itoh1), Norio Kozuka1), Ichiro Noda1) and Mitsuru Nagasawa1)

Chemical Synthesis of Polysaccharides I. Synthetic Polysaccharide Having One Hydroxyl Group in Its Repeating Unit, 3,4-Dideoxy-(1→6)-α-DL-erythro-hexopyranan
( pp.815 - 821 )
Masahiko Okada1), Hiroshi Sumitomo1) and Ken Ogasawara1)

Studies on the Formation of Graft Copolymer by Coupling Reactions. III. Temperature Effects on the Formation of Long Branched Polystyrene
( pp.823 - 825 )
Koji Ishizu1), Shinsuke Hagiwara1), Takashi Fukutomi1) and Toshio Kakurai1)

13C NMR Chemical Shifts and Electronic Structure of Poly(t-butylacetylene)
( pp.827 - 829 )
Takeshi Yamanobe1), Isao Ando1) and Riichirô Chûjô1)



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