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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.14 No.12 (1982)

Polymer Journal
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Monte Carlo Simulation of Interacting Polymer Systems. I. Behavior of Ring Chain Interacting via Soft-Core Potential
( pp.931 - 939 )
Takao Minato1) and Akira Hatano2)

In Vivo Release of Testosterone from Hydrophobic–Hydrophilic Copolymer Composites in Long Term Delivery Systems
( pp.941 - 950 )
Masaru Yoshida1), Masaharu Asano1), Isao Kaetsu1), Katsuyuki Nakai2), Hidetoshi Yamanaka2), Keizo Shida2) and Keiji Suzuki3)

Dynamic Viscoelastic Properties of ABS Polymers in the Molten State IV. Effect of Rubber Particle Size
( pp.951 - 958 )
Yuji Aoki1) and Kenjiro Nakayama1)

Volume and Enthalpy Relaxation in Polystyrene
( pp.959 - 970 )
Keiichiro Adachi1) and Tadao Kotaka1)

Studies on the Mechanism of Polymerization of Ethyl Methacrylate with BuLi in Toluene Using Perdeuterated Monomer and Multiplicity of Active Species
( pp.971 - 983 )
Koichi Hatada1), Tatsuki Kitayama1), Seiji Okahata1) and Heimei Yuki1)

Structure and Mechanical Properties of Sequential Interpenetrating Polymer Networks II. Complex-Forming Polyoxyethylene: Poly(acrylic acid) Systems1
( pp.985 - 992 )
Hiroshi Adachi1), Shiro Nishi1) and Tadao Kotaka1)

Aqueous Gel-Permeation Chromatography of Electrolytes and Polyelectrolytes I. Effect of Electrolytic Nature of Gel
( pp.993 - 998 )
Satoru Kadokura1), Takeaki Miyamoto1) and Hiroshi Inagaki1)

Isotropic-Liquid Crystal Phase Equilibrium in Aqueous Solutions of a Triple-Helical Polysaccharide Schizophyllan
( pp.999 - 1005 )
Kazuo Van1) and Akio Teramoto1)

Proteinated Surfaces at Solid–Water–Octane Interface
( pp.1007 - 1009 )
Chandra P. Sharma1)



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