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Polymer Journal
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The Graph Theory for a Description of the Conflgurational Statistics of Branched Polycondensate Polymers
( pp.775 - 784 )
S. I. Kuchanov1), S. V. Korolev1) and M. G. Slin’ko1)

The Theory of Branching Processes for a Description of the Configurational Statistics of Branched Polycondensate Polymers
( pp.785 - 795 )
S. V. Korolev1), S. I. Kuchanov1) and M. G. Slin’ko1)

Molecular Motion in Poly(amino acid) VIII. β2-Form Crystals of Poly(D-glutamic acid)
( pp.797 - 802 )
Masanobu Nagura1) and Hiroshi Ishikawa1)

Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Oriented Polyethylene Treated with Nitric Acid
( pp.803 - 809 )
Rosario Trilla1), Jose M. Pereña1) and Jose G. Fatou1)

Molecular-Weight Dependence of Intramacromolecular End-to-End Photodimerization Rate of α,ω-Dianthryl-polystyrene in Dilute Solution
( pp.811 - 819 )
Hideharu Ushiki1), Kimiko Hirayanagi2), Yoichi Sindo2), Kazuyuki Horie3) and Itaru Mita3)

Chemical Synthesis of Polysaccharides III. A Synthetic Polysaccharide Having One Hydroxyl Group in Its Repeating Unit, 3,4-Dideoxy-(1→6)-α-DL-threo-hexopyranan
( pp.821 - 826 )
Masahiko Okada1), Hiroshi Sumitomo1) and Ken Ogasawara1)

Permselectivity of Liquid–Polymer Hybrid Membrane Composed of Carbon Tetrachloride and 2-Hydroxyethyl Acrylate– Acrylonitrile Graft Copolymer for Ethanol–Water Mixture
( pp.827 - 834 )
Toshiaki Itoh1), Yuji Ohkawa1), Kazuhiko Ishihara1) and Isao Shinohara1)

The Second Virial Coefficient of Monodisperse Polystyrene in Cyclohexane below the Theta Point
( pp.835 - 843 )
Zhen Tong1), Shigeyuki Ohashi1), Yoshiyuki Einaga1) and Hiroshi Fujita1)

Sphere Bubble Film of Poly(vinyl alcohol)
( pp.845 - 846 )
Kazuo Yamaura1), Tetsuya Tanigami1) and Shuji Matsuzawa1)

Application of the AE Technique to Fracture Processes in Glassy Polymers III.
( pp.847 - 849 )
Tetsuya Nishiura1), Takashi Joh1), Shogo Okuda2) and Masanobu Miki2)

Stereospecific and Asymmetric Polymerization of Diphenylpyridylmethyl Methacrylates
( pp.851 - 853 )
Yoshio Okamoto1), Motoshi Ishikura1), Koichi Hatada1) and Heimei Yuki1)

Synthesis of Poly(amide-imide)s from N,N′-(Pyromellitoyl)diglycine
( pp.855 - 858 )
A. Thirunavukkarasu1) and M. J. Nanjan1)



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