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Polymer Journal
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Wide-Angle X-Ray Scattering of Poly(tetroxocane) Obtained by Radiation-Induced Polymerization in the Solid State
( pp.331 - 335 )
Akira Odajima1), Teruo Ishibashi1), Yoshiaki Nakase2) and Isamu Kuriyama2)

Rheology of Styrene–Butadiene Diblock Copolymers in Selective Solvent: Mechanisms of Thixotropy and Thermally Induced Rheological Transition
( pp.337 - 347 )
Hiroshi Watanabe1) and Tadao Kotaka1)

Syntheses and Properties of Periodic Copolymers
( pp.349 - 354 )
Kenji Yokota1), Takanori Kougo1) and Tadamichi Hirabayashi1)

Wide-Line Proton Magnetic Resonance Studies of Deuterated Poly(γ-benzyl glutamate). Verification of Previous Interpretation for Side Chain Motion
( pp.355 - 359 )
Akihiro Tsutsumi1), Saburo Anzai1) and Kunio Hikichi1)

Effect of Substituent Groups on Hydrogen Bonding of Polyhydroxystyrene Derivatives
( pp.361 - 366 )
Kunio Nakamura1), Tatsuko Hatakeyama2) and Hyoe Hatakeyama3)

Osmotic Pressure of Semidilute Solutions of Branched Polymers
( pp.367 - 375 )
Yuji Higo1), Noboru Ueno1) and Ichiro Noda1)

Dielectric and Dynamic Mechanical Behaviour of Poly(vinylchloride) Containing Small Amounts of Cholesterol, Cholesteryl Chloride, and Cholesteryl Benzoate
( pp.377 - 383 )
D. D. Deshpande1) and V. K. Tiwari1)

Synthesis of Living Cationic Poly(N-vinylcarbazole) with Low Molecular Weight
( pp.385 - 388 )
Toshinobu Higashimura1), Yun-Xiang Deng1) and Mitsuo Sawamoto1)

Triple Helix and Random Coil of Scleroglucan in Dilute Solution
( pp.389 - 396 )
Toshio Yanaki1) and Takashi Norisuye1)

β-Form of Poly(α-L-glutamic acid) Induced by Cadmium Ion in Aqueous Solution
( pp.397 - 399 )
Takuzo Kurotu1) and Motomu Kasagi1)



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