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Polymer Journal
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Solubility Parameter and Random-Coil Dimensions of Poly(1,3-Dioxolane)
( pp.491 - 498 )
Rufina Alamo1), José G. Fatou1) and Antonio Bello1)

Highly Efficient and Enantiomer-Selective Hydrolysis of α-Amino Acid Active Ester Hydrochlorides by a Cyclic Hexapeptide Containing Histidines
( pp.499 - 507 )
Masao Tanihara1) and Yukio Imanishi1)

Solution Conformation of Cyclo(D-Leu-L-Glu-L-His)2 and Its Relation with Highly Efficient and Enantiomer-Selective Catalysis
( pp.509 - 518 )
Masao Tanihara1) and Yukio Imanishi1)

Cysteine-Thiolato Dioxomolybdenum(VI) Species Supported by Water Soluble Poly(ethylene glycol) as a Molybdo-Oxidase Model. Its Enhanced Oxidative Ability in Water as Shown by the CD Spectral Investigation
( pp.519 - 524 )
Norikazu Ueyama1), Etsuo Kamada1) and Akira Nakamura1)

Mesomorphic Behavior of Concentrated Solutions of Polyribonucleotides
( pp.525 - 535 )
Eisaku Iizuka1)

Adsorption of Ethylene–Vinyl Acetate Copolymer on Silica Surface
( pp.537 - 542 )
Masami Kawaguchi1), Akihiro Inoue1) and Akira Takahashi1)

Surface Modification Effects of Carbon Black on Reinforced Natural Rubber
( pp.543 - 546 )
Hajime Serizawa1), Takehusa Nakamura1), Masayoshi Ito1), Koji Tanaka1) and Akimasa Nomura2)

Preparation of a New Class of Telechelic Polyamides with Amino Groups from Bicyclic Oxalactam
( pp.547 - 552 )
Kazuhiko Hashimoto1) and Hiroshi Sumitomo1)

Studies on Chitin X. Cyanoethylation of Chitin
( pp.553 - 556 )
Seiichi Tokura1), Norio Nishi1), Shin-ichiro Nishimura1) and Yoshihiro Ikeuchi1)

Electrical Conductivity of a Precipitate from a Sulfuric Acid Solution of Poly(acetylene)
( pp.557 - 558 )
Seizo Miyata1), Shigeru Tasaka1), Yoshitomo Masuda1) and Munam Ko2)



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