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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.16 No.4 (1984)

Polymer Journal
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Gas Permeation through Polymer/Liquid Crystal Composite Membrane
( pp.307 - 316 )
Shintaro Washizu1), Ichiro Terada1), Tisato Kajiyama1) and Motowo Takayanagi1)

Poly(O-acyl-hydroxy-L-proline) IV. Studies of Molecular Motions in Poly(O-acetyl, butyryl, hexanoyl, dodecanoyl, and benzoyl-hydroxy-L-proline) Films by the Spin Probe Technique
( pp.317 - 323 )
Takashi Komai1), Ei Yano1), Tadayoshi Kawasaki1) and Shinji Hashizume1)

Mössbauer Spectroscopic Study of Polymer-Bound Heme Complexes
( pp.325 - 331 )
Eishun Tsuchida1), Hiroyuki Nishide1), Hiroyuki Yokoyama1), Hidenari Inoue2) and Tsuneo Shirai2)

Grafting of Polyesters on Carbon Black V. Preparation of Polyester-Grafted Carbon Black with a Higher Grafting Ratio by the Copolymerization of Epoxide with Cyclic Acid Anhydrides Using COOK Groups on Carbon Black as the Initiator
( pp.333 - 340 )
Norio Tsubokawa1), Akihiro Yamada1) and Yasuo Sone1)

Double-Stranded Helix of Xanthan in Dilute Solution: Evidence from Light Scattering
( pp.341 - 350 )
Takahiro Sato1), Takashi Norisuye1) and Hiroshi Fujita1)

The Local Conformation of Poly(dimethylsiloxane)
( pp.351 - 357 )
Geoffrey R. Mitchell1) and Akira Odajima2)

Poly(O-acyl-hydroxy-L-proline) III. Conformation of Poly(O-acyl-hydroxy-L-proline)
( pp.359 - 364 )
Tadayoshi Kawasaki1), Takashi Komai1) and Toshifumi Hiraoki1)

Crystal Structure and Stereochemistry of the Cyclic Tetramer Derived from Epichlorohydrin
( pp.365 - 369 )
Takatoshi Miyasaka1) and Sanae Tanaka1)

Novel Synthesis of Self-Sensitized Photosensitive Polymers by Addition Reaction of Pendant Epoxide Groups in the Polymer with Some Cinnamic Esters
( pp.371 - 373 )
Tadatomi Nishikubo1), Takashi Iizawa1), Eiji Takahashi1) and Fumihiko Nono1)



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