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Polymer Journal
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Stereoregiilarity of Polyacrylonitrile by High Resolution 13C NMR Analysis
( pp.1233 - 1239 )
Kenji Kamide1), Hitoshi Yamazaki1), Kunihiko Okajima1) and Kunio Hikichi2)

Dielectric Properties of Poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate-co-L-leucine) and Poly(γ-methyl L-glutamate-co-L-leucine) in the Solid State
( pp.1241 - 1244 )
Kunio Hikichi1), Shoji Yamahata1) and Akihiro Tsutsumi1)

Effects of Water on the Mobility of Nonionic Spin Probes in Nylon 6 Film
( pp.1245 - 1251 )
Kunihiro Hamada1), Toshiro Iijima1) and Ralph McGregor2)

One-Dimensional Aromatic Crystals in Solution VI. Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Poly(β-9-anthrylmethyl L-aspartate)
( pp.1253 - 1261 )
Masahiko Sisido1), Akira Okamoto2), Syun Egusa2) and Yukio Imanishi2)

One-Dimensional Aromatic Crystals in Solution VII. Conformational Analysis of Poly(β-9-anthrylmethyl L-aspartate) in Solution
( pp.1263 - 1272 )
Masahiko Sisido1), Akira Okamoto2) and Yukio Imanishi2)

Preparation and Properties of A-B-A Tri-Block Copolymer Membranes Consisting of N-Hydroxyalkyl L-glutamine as the A Component and L-Alanine as the B Component
( pp.1273 - 1280 )
Toshio Hayashi1), Kazuo Takeshima1) and Akio Nakajima1)

Synthesis of Poly{1-(2-methylpropenoyloxy)phthalimide-co-acrylonitrile} and the Selective Separation of Water and Ethanol through Its Membranes
( pp.1281 - 1289 )
Masakazu Yoshikawa1), Yo Adachi1), Kohei Sanui1) and Naoya Ogata1)

Pentad Tacticity of Polyacrylonitrile Polymerized by γ-Ray Irradiation on Urea–Acrylonitrile Canal Complex at −78°C
( pp.1291 - 1295 )
Kenji Kamide2), Hitoshi Yamazaki1), Kunihiko Okajima1) and Kunio Hikichi2)

Study on the Fluorescence Depolarization of a Chromophore Attached to Polymer Chain End III. Aggregation and Helix-Coil Transition Behavior of Poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) in m-Cresol and Benzene at Various Temperatures
( pp.1297 - 1300 )
Hideharu Ushiki1) and Itaru Mita2)

Porous Poly(γ-methyl L-glutatamate) Spherical Particles as a Novel GPC Packing Material
( pp.1301 - 1303 )
Hirotaka Ihara1), Takashi Yoshinaga1), Yoshiaki Motozato1) and Chuichi Hirayama1)

Effects of Microphase-Separated Structure on Blood Compatibility of Grafted Poly(vinyl butyral)
( pp.1305 - 1311 )
Jiamin Xu1), Hanking Gu2), Kangde Yao1), Jingsheg Hu1), Shaogang Zhou1), Tunyu Fan3), Qinming Zhang3), Zhiqiang Li1) and Tengxiang Ma2)



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