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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.17 No.2 (1985)

Polymer Journal
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Separation of Water and Ethanol by Pervaporation through Polymer Membranes Containing N-Substituted Imide Groups
( pp.363 - 368 )
Masakazu Yoshikawa1), Hideto Yokoi1), Kohei Sanui1) and Naoya Ogata1)

Sol-Gel Transitions of Linear Low Density Polyethylenes in Organic Solvents
( pp.369 - 376 )
Masaru Okabe1), Munetoshi Isayama2) and Hideomi Matsuda2)

Phase Transfer Catalyzed Polycondensation of α, α′-Dichloro-p-xylene with 2,2-Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)propane II. Some Aspects of Phase Transfer Catalyzed Polycondensation Reaction in the Tetrahydrofuran-Dimethyl Sulfoxide/ Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide System
( pp.377 - 384 )
Noboru Yamazaki1) and Yoshio Imai1)

Dynamic Mechanical Dispersion in Copolymers of Vinylidene Fluoride and Trifluoroethylene
( pp.385 - 391 )
Yukinobu Murata2) and Naokazu Koizumi1)

Radiation Effects on Polyacetylenes Having Substituents
( pp.393 - 398 )
Toshinobu Higashimura1), Ben-Zhong Tang1), Toshio Masuda1), Hitoshi Yamaoka2) and Tomochika Matsuyama2)

Piezoelectricity and Pyroelectricity in a Copolymer of Vinylidene Fluoride and Tetrafluoroethylene
( pp.399 - 407 )
Jian Xun Wen1)

Light Scattering and Sedimentation Equilibrium Study on Concentrated Solutions of a Rodlike Polysaccharide Schizophyllan
( pp.409 - 419 )
Kazuo Van1) and Akio Teramoto1)



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