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Polymer Journal
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Ionic Conductivity and Mobility of Poly(propylene oxide) Networks Dissolving Alkali Metal Thiocyanates
( pp.549 - 555 )
Masayoshi Watanabe1), Kohei Sanui1), Naoya Ogata1), Fumio Inoue2), Tadahiko Kobayashi2) and Zentaro Ohtaki2)

Hole Transport in Amorphous Films of Poly(N-vinylcarbazole), Copolymers of N-Vinylcarbazole with Styrene, Polystyrene Molecularly-Doped with N-Isopropylcarbazole, and 1,3-Di(N-carbazolyl)propane
( pp.557 - 565 )
Akira Itaya1), Ken-ichi Okamoto1) and Shigekazu Kusabayashi2)

Synthesis and Functions of Polystyrene Derivatives Having Pendant Oligosaccharides
( pp.567 - 575 )
Kazukiyo Kobayashi1), Hiroshi Sumitomo1) and Yoshimitsu Ina1)

The Effect of Solid State Extrusion on Some Physical Properties of High Density Polyethylene
( pp.577 - 585 )
K. Dhawan1), P. C. Jain1) and V. S. Nanda1)

Intramolecular End-to-End Energy Transfer on Polypeptide Chains. Effects of Chain Length, Temperature, and Chain Stiffness
( pp.587 - 595 )
Masahiko Sisido1), Syun Egusa2), Kazufumi Yagyu2) and Yukio Imanishi2)

Theory of Nonlinear Viscoelasticity in Temporarily Crosslinked Polymer Systems
( pp.597 - 606 )
Shizuo Hayashi1)

Light Scattering and Viscometric Study on Polyacrylonitrile in Dimethylformamide, Ethylene Carbonate/Water Mixture, and Aqueous Nitric Acid
( pp.607 - 619 )
Kenji Kamide1), Yukio Miyazaki1) and Hidehiko Kobayashi2)

Random-Coiled Conformation of Polypeptide Chains II. Experimentally Evaluated Characteristic Ratio of Poly(N5-2-hydroxyethyl-L-glutamine) and Theoretical Conformational Analysis of Poly(L-glutamine) and Poly(L-glutamic acid)
( pp.621 - 631 )
Masahito Oka1), Toshio Hayashi2) and Akio Nakajima1)

Formation of Molecular Membranes in Water from Ionene Oligomers and Related Amphiphiles
( pp.633 - 640 )
Toyoki Kunitake1), Akihiko Tsuge1) and Kunihide Takarabe1)

NMR Studies and Conformational Energy Calculations of 1,2-Dimethoxyethane and Poly(oxyethylene)
( pp.641 - 655 )
Kenzabu Tasaki1) and Akihiro Abe1)

On the Molecular Weight Dependence of the Second Virial Coefficient of Polystyrene in Toluene
( pp.657 - 660 )
Lina Zhang1), Dajian Qiu1) and Renyuan Qian2)



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