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Polymer Journal
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A New Method of Polymer Molecular Weight Determination Based on the Permeable Sphere Model
( pp.783 - 789 )
Lech Gmachowski1)

A New Relative Method of Polymer Molecular Weight Determination
( pp.791 - 794 )
Lech Gmachowski1)

Some New Properties of the Dilute Polymer Solutions I. Excluded Volume and Interpenetration of Macromolecules in Solutions
( pp.795 - 802 )
V. E. Eskin1), I. A. Baranovskaya1) and U. S. Khudaiberdiev1)

Some New Properties of the Dilute Polymer Solutions II. Study of Thermodynamic Properties of Dilute Polymer Solutions by the Monte Carlo Method
( pp.803 - 808 )
A. S. Pavlov1), P. G. Khalatur1) and V. E. Eskin1)

Ionic Conductivity of Network Polymers from Poly(ethylene oxide) Containing Lithium Perchlorate
( pp.809 - 817 )
Masayoshi Watanabe1), Satoshi Nagano1), Kohei Sanui1) and Naoya Ogata1)

Effects of Stereoregularity on Molecular Parameters of Polyacrylonitrile Polymerized by Gamma-Ray Irradiation
( pp.819 - 836 )
Kenji Kamide1), Hitoshi Yamazaki1) and Yukio Miyazaki1)

Raman Spectra and Conformations of Copolypeptides Containing Glycine, L-Alanine, and L-Phenylalanine Residues
( pp.837 - 842 )
Koichi Itoh1) and Masanao Oya2)

Further Study on the Distribution of Substituent Group in Cellulose Acetate by 13C{1H}NMR Analysis: Assignment of Carbonyl Carbon Peaks
( pp.843 - 849 )
Keisuke Kowsaka1), Kunihiko Okajima1) and Kenji Kamide1)

Curing of Polyfunctional Spiro Ortho Esters by Carbon Black
( pp.851 - 857 )
Norio Tsubokawa1), Shingo Ohshima1), Yasuo Sone1) and Takeshi Endo2)

Pulsed NMR Investigation on the Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate
( pp.859 - 864 )
Takuzo Kurotu1)

Synthesis and Characterization of Newer Homopolymaleamides and Copolymaleamides from N,N′-Methanedianiline-bisisomaleimide and Aliphatic Diamines
( pp.865 - 869 )
Rangaswamy Nagarathinam1) and Seshaiyer Viswanathan1)

Monomer Formation from Polyisobutylene in the Presence of SiO2–Al2O3 Catalyst
( pp.871 - 875 )
Hidesaburo Nanbu1), Yumiko Ishihara1), Tomoyuki Takesue1) and Tadashi Ikemura1)

Evidence for Third-Order Initiation in Monomer in Thermal Polymerization of Styrene
( pp.877 - 879 )
Katsukiyo Ito1)

Polymeric Phospholipid Analogues XIII. Synthesis and Properties of Vinyl Polymers Containing Phosphatidyl Choline Groups
( pp.881 - 885 )
Tadao Nakaya1), Hirokazu Toyoda1) and Minoru Imoto1)

LB Films of Poly(vinyl acetal)
( pp.887 - 890 )
Kiyoshi Oguchi1), Tomoko Yoden1), Kohei Sanui1) and Naoya Ogata1)

Spin–Spin Relaxation Time of Water Protons in κ-Carrageenan Gel
( pp.891 - 893 )
Kunio Hikichi1), Masayuki Tokita1) and Satoshi Nakatsuka1)



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