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Polymer Journal
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Investigation on the Chemical Reactivity of 2,4-Diamino-6-vinyl-s-triazine with Epoxide
( pp.193 - 201 )
Kazuo Kamagata1), Masashi Kinoshita1) and Shuuji Yoshida1)

1-Chloro-1,3-butadiene Copolymers VI. Structure of the Diene Unit and Monomer Sequence Distribution in the Copolymer with Styrene
( pp.203 - 210 )
Shinzo Kohjiya1), Yoshihiko Imoto1) and Shinzo Yamashita1)

Kinetic Studies on the Radical Polymerization of Butadiene Derivatives
( pp.211 - 217 )
Mikiharu Kamachi1), Hiroyuki Umetani1) and Shun-ichi Nozakura1)

DSC Studies on Hydrogen Bonding of Poly(4-hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxystyrene) and Related Derivatives
( pp.219 - 225 )
Kunio Nakamura1), Tatsuko Hatakeyama2) and Hyoe Hatakeyama3)

Photo-Induced Wettability Change in Films Containing Spiropyran Microcrystals
( pp.227 - 235 )
Shoichi Hayashida1), Hirotsugu Sato2) and Shungo Sugawara1)

The Role of p-Oligosiloxane Substituents of Polystyrene in Selective Oxygen Permeation through the Polymer Film
( pp.237 - 241 )
Yuhsuke Kawakami1), Hiroo Karasawa1), Hiroki Kamiya1), Toshiki Aoki1) and Yuya Yamashita1)

Enhanced Oxygen Permeation through Surface Modified Blend Films Containing Polydimethylsiloxane Graft Copolymers
( pp.243 - 248 )
Yuhsuke Kawakami1), Toshiki Aoki1) and Yuya Yamashita1)

Studies on the Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate with Butylmagnesium Chloride by the Aid of Totally Deuterated Monomer—Structures of Polymerization Products and Fate of Initiator
( pp.249 - 261 )
Koichi Ute1), Tatsuki Kitayama1) and Hatada Koichi1)

Structure and Elastic Properties of Networks Formed by Random Cross-Linking of Star Polymers
( pp.263 - 268 )
Jean Pierre Queslel1) and James E. Mark1)

Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation and Gelation in the Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Poly(ethylene glycol)–Water System. Dependence on Molecular Weight of Poly(ethylene glycol)
( pp.269 - 272 )
Isamu Inamura1)

Formation of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals of Cellulose Derivatives Dissolved in Inorganic Acids
( pp.273 - 276 )
Kenji Kamide1), Kunihiko Okajima1), Toshihiko Matsui1) and Shuji Kajita1)

13C NMR Study on the Specific Interaction of Cupric Ions with Polyacrylonitrile in Dimethylformamide
( pp.277 - 280 )
Kenji Kamide1), Hitoshi Yamazaki1), Kunihiko Okajima1) and Kunio Hikichi2)



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