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Polymer Journal
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Prospects of Advanced Polymer Research in Industry
( pp.1 - 10 )
Geoffrey Allen1)

Present and Future Directions of Basic Research on Polymeric Materials
( pp.11 - 20 )
Norbert M. Bikales1)

Evaluation of High-Performance Polymers and Composites Based on Material and Structural Indices
( pp.21 - 30 )
M. Takayanagi1)

Thermally Depolymerizable Polycarbonates V. Acid Catalyzed Thermolysis of Allylic and Benzylic Polycarbonates: A New Route to Resist Imaging
( pp.31 - 49 )
Jean M. J. Fréchet1), Francine Bouchard1), Eva Eichler1), Francis M. Houlihan1), Takashi Iizawa1), Boguslaw Kryczka1) and C. Grant Willson2)

Nonlinear Optical Processes in Organic and Polymer Structures
( pp.51 - 60 )
A. F. Garito1) and K. Y. Wong1)

Laser Photochemistry and Hole Burning Spectroscopy in Polymers and Glasses: External Field Effects
( pp.61 - 71 )
L. Kador1), R. Personov2), W. Richter1), Th. Sesselmann1) and D. Haarer1)

Recent Advances in High Temperature Polymers
( pp.73 - 83 )
P. M. Hergenrother1)

Chain-Extended Polyethylene
( pp.85 - 98 )
P. J. Lemstra1), N. A. J. M. van Aerle1) and C. W. M. Bastiaansen1)

High-Resolution Negative Photoresists Composed of Phenolic Resin and Aromatic Azide
( pp.99 - 104 )
S. Nonogaki1)

Glassy Polymers as Matrices for Advanced Composites
( pp.105 - 117 )
Eduard F. Oleinik1)

A New Approach to High Modulus, High Tenacity Fibers
( pp.119 - 125 )
S. Ozawa1)

Polyimides: Versatile Specialty Polymers
( pp.127 - 133 )
R. Pariser1)

Polymeric Liquid Crystals—Problems and Trends
( pp.135 - 145 )
N. A. Platé1), R. V. Talrose1), Ya. S. Freidzon1) and V. P. Shibaev1)

Electronic Devices from Conducting Organics and Polymers
( pp.147 - 156 )
Richard S. Potember1), Robert C. Hoffman1), Henry S. Hu1), James E. Cocchiaro1), Carla A. Viands1) and Theodore O. Poehler1)

Electrochemically Prepared Polypyrroles from Aqueous Solutions
( pp.157 - 172 )
Renyuan Qian1) and Jinjin Qiu1)

Siloxane Modification of Bismaleimide Resins
( pp.173 - 184 )
M. Rakoutz1) and M. Balme1)

Highly Conducting Polyacetylene Films Prepared in a Liquid Crystal Solvent
( pp.185 - 189 )
Kazuo Akagi1), Hideki Shirakawa1), Kotaro Araya2), Akio Mukoh3) and Toshikazu Narahara3)

Synthesis of High Performance Aromatic Polymers via Nucleophilic Nitro Displacement Reaction
( pp.191 - 202 )
T. Takekoshi1)



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