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Polymer Journal
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Distribution of Retardation Times from the Photon Correlation Spectra of Glass Forming Systems
( pp.441 - 449 )
J.-U. Hagenah1), G. Meier1), G. Fytas1) and E. W. Fischer1)

Experimental Determination of the Elastic Modulus of Crystalline Regions of Some Aromatic Polyamides, Aromatic Polyesters, and Aromatic Polyether Ketone
( pp.451 - 459 )
Katsuhiko Nakamae1), Takashi Nishino1), Yukio Shimizu1) and Tsunetaka Matsumoto1)

Crystallization of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) from Oriented Amorphous Film
( pp.461 - 466 )
Renyuan Qian1), Jiasong He1) and Deyan Shen1)

A New Chemical Method of Surface-Treatment of Kevlar Fiber for Composites with Epoxy Resin
( pp.467 - 474 )
M. Takayanagi1), S. Ueta1), W.-Y. Lei1) and K. Koga1)

Routes to Bioactive Hydrophilic Polymers
( pp.475 - 483 )
Clement Bamford1), Ian Middleton1), Kadem Al-Lamee1), Jerzy Paprotny1) and Yoshikatsu Satake1)

Microspheres of Biodegradable Block Copolymer for Long-Acting Controlled Delivery of Contraceptives
( pp.485 - 491 )
C. X. Song1), H. F. Sun1) and X. D. Feng2)

Adsorption Behavior of Plasma Proteins on Polyaminoacid Membrane Surface
( pp.493 - 500 )
Akio Nakajima1) and Yoshio Hata2)

Blood Purification Device Using Membranes Derived from Poly(vinyl alcohol), and Copolymer of Ethylene and Vinyl Alcohol
( pp.501 - 513 )
Yutaka Sakurada1), Akinori Sueoka1) and Masaru Kawahashi1)

Living Cationic Polymerization of a Vinyl Ether with a Malonic Ester Function
( pp.515 - 521 )
Toshinobu Higashimura1), Takashi Enoki1) and Mitsuo Sawamoto1)

Free-Radical Copolymerization V. Rate Constants of Propagation and Termination for a Styrene/Methyl Methacrylate/Toluene System
( pp.523 - 530 )
Takeshi Fukuda1), Keiji Kubo1), Yung-Dae Ma1) and Hiroshi Inagaki1)

Aggregation in the Anionic Polymerization of Hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane with Lithium Counterion
( pp.531 - 538 )
Lech Wilczek1) and Joseph P. Kennedy1)

Synthesis of 5-Isopropyl-Substituted Poly(l-proline)s: Optically Active cis- and trans-5-Isopropylproline and Poly(cis- and trans-5-isopropylproline)
( pp.539 - 555 )
K. A. W. McGrady1) and C. G. Overberger1)

Reactivity of Cyclic Imino Ether Salts Having Vinyl Group V. Spontaneous and Base-Catalyzed Polymerization of N-Protio Salts of 2-Alkenyl-2-oxazolines and 2-Alkenyl-5,6-dihydro-4H-1,3-oxazines
( pp.557 - 566 )
Masatoshi Miyamoto1), Yoshiyuki Sano2) and Takeo Saegusa1)

New Developments in Cationic Polymerization of Cyclosiloxanes
( pp.567 - 580 )
Pierre Sigwalt1)

Chemical Synthesis of Polysaccharides. VIII. Synthesis and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of (1→6)-α-Linked Heteropolysaccharides Consisting of D-Glucose and 2,3,4-Trideoxy-DL-glycero-hexopyranose Units
( pp.581 - 591 )
Masahiko Okada1), Hiroshi Sumitomo1) and Takahito Hirasawa1)

A Polyamine Macromonomer Having Controlled Molecular Weight—Synthesis and Mechanism—
( pp.593 - 601 )
Yoshikuni Nabeshima1), Atsushi Maruyama1), Teiji Tsuruta1) and Kazunori Kataoka2)

Haloaldehyde Polymers XXXIII. Polymerization of Chloral with Chiral Anionic Initiators. Stereochemistry of Initiation
( pp.603 - 612 )
Jingyun Zhang1), Gary D. Jaycox1) and Otto Vogl1)

Simulation and Reverse Tasks in Macromolecular Reactions and Structure of Polymeric Liquid Crystals
( pp.613 - 622 )
N. A. Platé1), L. B. Stroganov1) and O. V. Noah1)

Graft Copolymerization of Vinyl Monomers onto Pure Cotton Cellulose Using Mn3+ Ions as Initiator
( pp.623 - 630 )
B. Rånby1) and D. Zuchowska1)

Photochemical Degradation of N-Substituted Polyethylenimines
( pp.631 - 642 )
Georges Smets1) and Leo Raeymaekers1)

A Comparison of the Properties of Ceric Ion and Preirradiated Acrylic Acid Grafts to Rayon Fibers
( pp.643 - 648 )
D. J. McDowall1), B. S. Gupta1) and V. T. Stannett1)

Some Comparisons between Radiation Effects in Polymeric and Biological Macromolecules
( pp.649 - 657 )
A. Charlesby

Dosimetry for the Irradiation of Polymers by Soft X-Rays
( pp.659 - 666 )
Hideto Sotobayashi1), Frank-Peter Wolf2), Wolfram Schnabel3), Nagwa Abou-Samra1) and Frithjof Asmussen1)

Primary Processes in Radiation-Induced Crosslinking of Poly(2-phenylbutadiene)
( pp.667 - 672 )
Hitoshi Yamaoka1), Kazuo Kato2) and Seizo Okamura2)



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