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Polymer Journal
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Optical Rotatory Dispersion and Ultraviolet Spectrum Studies of Poly[(+)-2-methylbutyl methacrylate] and Monomeric Analogue
( pp.109 - 116 )
Keiji Ohara1)

The Glass Transition of Aliphatic Ionenes
( pp.117 - 123 )
Adi Eisenberg1), Hiroshi Matsuura1) and Tetsuo Yokoyama1)

A Hole Theory of Polymer Liquids and Glasses. I. Partition Function and Equation of State for Polymer Liquids
( pp.124 - 133 )
Takuhei Nose1)

Defects Caused by Chain Ends in Polymer Crystals and Interpretation of Plastic Deformation and γ-Relaxation in Terms of Them
( pp.134 - 147 )
Masahiro Matsui1), Ryohei Masui1) and Yasaku Wada1)

Polymerization of Methacrylamide Photoinitiated by trans-Diazidotetramminecobalt(III)Azide
( pp.148 - 152 )
H. Kothandaraman1) and M. Santappa1)

Cationic Polymerization of 1, 2-Dialkoxyethylenes
( pp.153 - 160 )
Toshinobu Higashimura1), Junzo Masamoto1), Seizo Okamura1) and Teijiro Yonezawa2)

Magnetic Anisotropy Effect on the Chemical Shift of Polypropylene
( pp.161 - 172 )
Isao Ando1) and Atsuo Nishioka1)

Thermally Stimulated Discharge of Polymer Electrets
( pp.173 - 191 )
J. van Turnhout1)

Photopolymerization of Methyl Methacrylate Initiated by Iodine–Triethylamine System
( pp.192 - 198 )
Naokazu Sakota1), Toyohiko Nagasaki1) and Sumihiro Sakai2)

Stable Conformations of 1,4-Polybutadiene Chains and Their Model Compound Molecules
( pp.199 - 211 )
Takehiko Shimanouchi1), Yasuaki Abe1) and Yasuhide Alaki1)

Effect of 1,2-Glycol Structure and Stereoregularity of Poly(vinyl alcohol) on Poly(vinyl alcohol)–Iodine Reactions
( pp.212 - 219 )
Kiyoshi Kikukawa1), Shun-ichi Nozakura1) and Shunsuke Murahashi1)

Copolymerization of Carbon Dioxide with Optically Active Propylene Oxide
( pp.220 - 224 )
Shohei Inoue1), Hideomi Koinuma1) and Teiji Tsuruta1)

Radical Polymerizations of Methyl Methacrylate and of Related Monomers with a Ruthenium Complex–Triphenylphosphine Catalyst
( pp.225 - 230 )
Katsuma Hiraki1), Shoichi Kaneko1) and Hidefumi Hirai1)

Infrared Spectra of Poly(acetylene)
( pp.231 - 244 )
Hideki Shirakawa1) and Sakuji Ikeda1)

Further Test of the Two-Parameter Theory of Dilute Polymer Solutions: Poly(p-bromostyrene)
( pp.245 - 256 )
Koichi Takashima1), Genzo Tanaka1) and Hiromi Yamakawa1)

Metal-Containing Initiator Systems. XXX. Selective Initiation of Polymerization with Reduced Nickel/Organic Halides:Cationic Polymerization of Styrene and Isobutyl Vinyl Ether
( pp.257 - 262 )
Shuzo Aoki1), Chiaki Shirafuji1) and Takayuki Otsu1)

Theoretical Interpretation of Kerr Constants of Polymer Chains. n-Alkanes, Poly(oxyethylene glycol)s, and Poly(oxyethylene dimethyl ether)s
( pp.263 - 273 )
Toshihide Ishikawa1) and Kazuo Nagai1)

Molecular Mobility in Swollen Cross-linked Rubbers. Viscoelasticity and Diffusion Measurements
( pp.274 - 282 )
Chiu-Ping Wong1), John L. Schrag1) and John D. Ferry1)

Photosensitive Ionomer. II. Preparation of Mercurous Copoly(vinyl alcohol–acrylate) and Properties of the Plate
( pp.283 - 288 )
Kazuyuki Sugita1) and Shin Suzuki1)



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