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Polymer Journal
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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Isobutylene– Chlorotrifluoroethylene Copolymer. II. Interpretation of Fluorine Resonances in Terms of Tetrads and Their Temperature Dependence
( pp.321 - 327 )
Kenkichi Ishigure1), Yoneho Tabata1) and Keichi Oshima1)

Chemorheology of Cross-linked Polymers. Chemorheological Treatment of Cross-linked Polymers
( pp.328 - 336 )
Kenkichi Murakami1) and Saburo Tamura1)

Alternating Copolymerization of Butadiene with Acrylic Compounds; Monomer–Catalyst Complexes
( pp.337 - 344 )
Junji Furukawa1), Yutaka Iseda1) and Eiichi Kobayashi1)

The Effect of Counteranions in the Polymerization of Isobutyl Vinyl Ether Initiated by Triphenylmethyl Cation
( pp.345 - 352 )
Toyoki Kunitake1), Yoshihiko Matsuguma1) and Chuji Aso1)

The Effect of Counteranions on the Polymer Steric Structure in the Cationic Polymerization of α-Methylstyrene
( pp.353 - 358 )
Yoshihiko Matsuguma1) and Toyoki Kunitake1)

Pulse Radiolysis Study on Radical Ions of Styrene
( pp.359 - 363 )
Hiroshi Yoshida1), Masato Noda1) and Masahiro Irie2)

Polymerization of Butadiene. Polymerization of Butadiene with Organometaliic Complexes Produced by Means of Electrolysis of Transition Metal Iodides
( pp.364 - 370 )
Noboru Yamazaki1), Mitsuo Kase1) and Takayuki Ohta1)

cis-Vinyl-1:1 Polymer of Butadiene
( pp.371 - 378 )
Junji Furukawa1), Kazuo Haga1), Eiichi Kobayashi1), Yutaka Iseda1), Toshio Yoshimoto1) and Kazuhiko Sakamoto1)

NMR Studies on Poly(γ-methyl-L-glutamate) Solutions
( pp.379 - 386 )
Kazuo Sato1) and Atsuo Nishioka1)

Structural Studies of Polyesters. IV. Molecular and Crystal Structures of Poly(ethylene succinate) and Poly(ethylene oxalate)
( pp.387 - 397 )
Akio S. Ueda1), Yozo Chatani1) and Hiroyuki Tadokoro1)

Copolymerization of Carbon Dioxide and N-Phenylethylenimine
( pp.398 - 406 )
Tsutomu Kagiya1) and Takehisa Matsuda1)

Copolymerization of Acrylonitrile with Vinyl Chloride Catalyzed by Ethylaluminum Chloride with or without Transition Metal Compounds
( pp.407 - 415 )
Junji Furukawa1), Eiichi Kobayashi1) and Junnosuke Yamauchi1)

Excluded-Volume Effect on Dipole Moments of Polymer Chains
( pp.416 - 421 )
Kazuo Nagai1) and Toshihide Ishikawa1)

Polythioamides by Room-Temperature Polycondensation
( pp.422 - 425 )
Kohei Sanui1), Yasushi Kishimoto1) and Naoya Ogata1)



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