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Polymer Journal
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Phase Equilibria of Quasi-Ternary Systems Consisting of Multicomponent Polymers 1 and 2 in a Single Solvent I. Spinodal Curve and Critical Solution Point
( pp.949 - 963 )
Kenji Kamide1), Shigenobu Matsuda1) and Hironobu Shirataki1)

Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Nylon 6 Gel and Melt Films
( pp.965 - 978 )
Masaru Matsuo1) and Kyoko Inaba1)

Copolymerization of Indene with N-Phenylmaleimide
( pp.979 - 985 )
S. M. Mokhtar2), M. G. Mikhael1), R. O. Aly3) and M. Z. Elsabee1)

Effect of Crystallinity on the Nonlinear Viscoelastic and Optical Properties of Undrawn and Drawn Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Films
( pp.987 - 1002 )
Akira Tanaka1), Hikoichi Nagano1), Masayuki Shinohara1) and Shigeharu Onogi1)

Development of Rough Surface and Deformation Mechanisms of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Films
( pp.1003 - 1009 )
Akira Tanaka1), Hikoichi Nagano1) and Shigeharu Onogi1)

Peroxo Salts as Initiators of Vinyl Polymerization IV. Polymerization of Acrylonitrile by the Peroxomonosulphate–Oxovanadium(IV) System
( pp.1011 - 1019 )
G. Manivannan1) and P. Maruthamuthu1)

Solvent Effect on the Radical Copolymerization of N-Methyl- and N,N-Dimethylacrylamides and N-Methylmethacrylamide with Methyl Methacrylate
( pp.1021 - 1029 )
Toshiyuki Kodaira1), Jian-Zhong Yang1) and Hiroshi Aida1)

Synthesis and Properties of Periodic Copolymers: Alternating Copolymerization of Propylene with Methyl α-Chloroacrylate
( pp.1031 - 1039 )
Tadamichi Hirabayashi1) and Kenji Yokota1)

Group Transfer and Cationic Polymerization of 1-Butadienyloxytrimethylsilane
( pp.1041 - 1048 )
Tadamichi Hirabayashi1), Tetsukazu Itoh1) and Kenji Yokota1)

Thermodynamic Properties of Concentrated Solutions of Poly(hexyl isocyanate), a Liquid Crystalline Polymer
( pp.1049 - 1058 )
Takashi Itou1), Takahiro Sato1), Akio Teramoto1) and Shaul M. Aharoni2)

Functional Monomers and Polymers CLXXII. Synthesis and Interaction Studies on Water Soluble Nucleic Acid Analogs: Polyethyleneimine Derivatives Containing Thymine and Adenine
( pp.1059 - 1068 )
Takehiko Wada1), Yoshiaki Inaki1) and Kiichi Takemoto1)

Synthesis of Poly(DL-4-oxohomophenylalanine)
( pp.1069 - 1072 )
Tadao Hayakawa1), Katsuhiko Inouye1) and Tomohiko Itoh1)

Theoretical Fundamentals of the Sedimentation Behaviour of a Semidilute Polymer Solution
( pp.1073 - 1074 )
Lech Gmachowski1)



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