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Polymer Journal
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Separation of H2 and CO through Poly(sulfone-amide) Membranes II. Highly Permselective Membranes Containing Bis(3-aminophenyl)sulfone as a Diamine Component
( pp.365 - 370 )
Yoshimitsu Sakaguchi1), Masaya Tokai1), Hiroshi Kawada1) and Yasuo Kato1)

Sequence Determination in Styrene–Methyl Methacrylate Copolymers by 13C NMR Spectroscopy
( pp.371 - 376 )
A. S. Brar1) and G. S. Kapur1)

Photoresponsive Polymers. Photostimulated Viscosity Change of Poly(3-vinyl-10-methylphenothiazine) in 1,2-Dichloroethane in the Presence of Carbon Tetrachloride
( pp.377 - 381 )
Dawan Kungwatchakun1), Koichiro Hayashi1) and Masahiro Irie1)

Structural Distribution of Linear Low-Density Polyethylenes
( pp.383 - 397 )
Satoru Hosoda1)

ESCA Analysis of Polymer–Acceptor Interactions in Chemically Synthesized Polypyrrole–Halogen Complexes
( pp.399 - 406 )
E. T. Kang1), H. C. Ti1), K. G. Neoh1) and T. C. Tan1)

Synthesis of Aromatic Polyamide–Poly(methyl methacrylate) Graft Copolymers by the Macromonomer Method
( pp.407 - 411 )
Yoshiki Chujo1), Hisaaki Kobayashi1) and Yuya Yamashita1)

Cationic Ring-Opening Isomerization Polymerization of Bicyclo Ortho Esters Initiated by Carbon Black
( pp.413 - 420 )
Norio Tsubokawa1), Shingo Ohshima1), Yasuo Sone1) and Takeshi Endo2)

Circular Dichroism and Exciton Effect of Syndiotactic Methacrylic Polymers with Chiral Diacyl Hydrazide Side Chains V. Number of Exciton Coupled Monomeric Units
( pp.421 - 431 )
E. Klesper1), J. Thevissen1) and D. Krieger1)

Simple Synthesis of Polyketones Containing Anthraquinone Units
( pp.433 - 437 )
Mitsuru Ueda1), Hiroya Sugita1) and Takako Waragai1)

Catalysis by Cyclodextrin for para-Oriented Attack of Formaldehyde to Phenol
( pp.439 - 440 )
Makoto Komiyama1)



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