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Polymer Journal
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Control of π-Radical Anion State of Porphyrin with a Polymer Matrix
( pp.441 - 446 )
Hiroshi Segawa1), Takeo Shimidzu1) and Ken-ichi Honda1)

Some Characteristic Features of Dilute Aqueous Alkali Solutions of Specific Alkali Concentration (2.5 mol l−1) Which Possess Maximum Solubility Power against Cellulose
( pp.447 - 457 )
Takashi Yamashiki1), Kenji Kamide1), Kunihiko Okajima1), Keisuke Kowsaka1), Toshihiko Matsui1) and Hiroko Fukase1)

Study on Gels of Poly(methyl methacrylate) Stereocomplex by Light Scattering
( pp.459 - 469 )
Issa A. Katime1) and José R. Quintana1)

Miscibility and Rapid Phase Transition Behavior in Poly-(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoro acetone)/ Poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) Blends
( pp.471 - 476 )
Masatoshi Hasegawa1) and Saburo Akiyama1)

Synthesis of Polyamides by Direct Polycondensation with Propylphosphonic Anhydride as an Activating Agent
( pp.477 - 483 )
Mitsuru Ueda1) and Tsukasa Honma1)

Permeation of Gases through Electron-Beam-Irradiated Polymer Films
( pp.485 - 491 )
Hidetoshi Kita1), Michiaki Muraoka1), Kazuhiro Tanaka1) and Ken-ichi Okamoto1)

New Phase Formation in Hetero-Structured Multilayers of Tricosa-2,4-diynoic Acid and Arachidic Acid
( pp.493 - 497 )
Shuji Okada1), Hachiro Nakanishi1), Hiro Matsuda1), Masao Kato1), Michio Sugi2), Mitsuyoshi Saito2) and Sigeru Iizima2)

Polycarbonates from Cyclic Carbonates, Carbanions, and Dihalo Compounds
( pp.499 - 509 )
Gabriel Rokicki1) and Piotr Jezewski1)

Stress Relaxation of Semidilute Polystyrene Solutions. A New Observation with Θ-Solvent and with Blends Containing Very Short Chains
( pp.511 - 513 )
Kunihiro Osaki1), Eiichi Takatori1), Seiichi Shibasaki1) and Michio Kurata1)

XPS Study of Boundary Phase Structure between Stereoregular Poly(methyl methacrylate) and Polyamide Substrate
( pp.515 - 518 )
Minekazu Kodama1) and Kazuo Kuramoto1)

Anionic Polymerization of Fluoroalkyl 2-Trifluoromethylacrylate
( pp.519 - 523 )
Tadashi Narita1), Tokio Hagiwara1), Hiroshi Hamana1) and Shuichiro Maesaka1)

Cyclodextrin–Catalyzed Regioselective Cleavage of Adenylyl(3′→5′)adenosine
( pp.525 - 527 )
Makoto Komiyama1)



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