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Polymer Journal
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Functional Monomers and Polymers CLXVIII. Syntheses and Photoreactions of Poly(methacrylate)s Containing Thymine Bases
( pp.203 - 213 )
Minoo Jalili Moghaddam1), Shigeo Hozumi1), Yoshiaki Inaki1) and Kiichi Takemoto1)

Effect of Ester Side Chains on the Aggregation State and Surface Properties of Poly(dialkylfumarate)s
( pp.215 - 219 )
Sung Boo Choi1), Atsushi Takahara1), Naoyuki Amaya2), Yoshishige Murata2) and Tisato Kajiyama1)

Miscibility and LCST Behavior of Polyisoprene/Poly(cis-butadiene-co-1,2-vinylbutadiene) Blends
( pp.221 - 229 )
Seiichi Kawahara1), Saburo Akiyama1) and Akio Ueda2)

Stereoregular Oligomers of Methyl Methacrylate: X-Ray Crystal Structure Analysis and 1H NMR Spectrum of the Trimer
( pp.231 - 240 )
Koichi Ute1), Tohru Nishimura1), Yoshiki Matsuura2) and Koichi Hatada1)

An Electromicrographical Method for Evaluating Layer Structure of Polymeric Hollow Fiber Membrane
( pp.241 - 252 )
Kenji Kamide1), Sakae Nakamura (née Miwa)1), Takaharu Akedo1) and Seiichi Manabe1)

A New Polymeric Peroxycarbamate: Synthesis, Decomposition and Its Use of Polymerization Initiator for Methylstyrene
( pp.253 - 257 )
Huseyin Yildirim1), Ahmet Yilmazturk1), Bahattin M. Baysal2) and Yusuf Yagci2)

Inherent Light Scattering Losses by Amorphous Optical Polymer Glasses
( pp.259 - 266 )
Norihisa Tanio1), Yasuhiro Koike1) and Yasuji Ohtsuka1)

Amphiphilic Polyelectrolytes with Various Hydrophobic Groups: Intramolecular Hydrophobic Aggregation in Aqueous Solution
( pp.267 - 274 )
Yotaro Morishima1), Takaomi Kobayashi1) and Shun-ichi Nozakura1)



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