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Polymer Journal
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Studies on Salts of Amine Containing Polymers with Benzoic Acids. I. Film Formation and Morphology
( pp.219 - 227 )
Jose L. Castro1), Gustavo Guevara1), Leticia Baños1) and Takeshi Ogawa1)

Studies of Polyelectrolyte Solutions II. The Second Virial Coefficient and the Persistence Length
( pp.229 - 238 )
E. Nordmeier1) and W. Dauwe1)

Synthesis and Side-Chain Crystallization of Comb-Like Polymers from Isopropenyltriazines Containing Several Long Alkyl Groups
( pp.239 - 246 )
Hideo Kunisada1), Yasuo Yuki1), Shuji Kondo1), Ken-ichi Goto1) and Setsuji Oda1)

Allylic Polymers IV. The Effect of Alkyl-Substituents on Copolymerization of Allyl Alkyl Ethers with Vinyl Acetate
( pp.247 - 255 )
Yasumasa Shigetomi1), Naruhito Ono1), Hiroshi Kato1) and Michinori Oki1)

Kinetics of Bulk Styrene Polymerization Initiated by 2,2-Bis(t-butyldioxy)alkanes
( pp.257 - 262 )
Yasumasa Watanabe1), Hideyo Ishigaki1) and Shuji Suyama1)

Optically Active Polymers Derived from Chiral 2-Oxazoline. Synthesis, Characterization, and Chiroptical Properties
( pp.263 - 271 )
Yun Chen1) and Jeng-Jer Tsay1)

Electrochemical Doping of Poly(3-vinylperylene) and Electrical Properties of Doped Polymers
( pp.273 - 279 )
Il-Ryon Jeon1), Naoki Noma1), Rodney F. C. Claridge1) and Yasuhiko Shirota1)

Control of Molecular Weight and End Group of Polymer by Addition-Fragmentation Reaction with α-(Bromomethyl)acrylate and Allyl Bromide
( pp.281 - 290 )
Bunichiro Yamada1), Seiya Kobatake1) and Takayuki Otsu1)

Response Time of Plastic Optical Fiber doped with Organic Fluorescent Material
( pp.291 - 296 )
Akira Tanaka1), Yuji Kojima1) and Hisashi Sawada1)

Living Polymerization of 1,2-Diisocyanoarenes Promoted by (Quinoxalinyl)nickel Complexes
( pp.297 - 299 )
Yoshihiko Ito1), Eiji Ihara1) and Masahiro Murakami1)



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