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Polymer Journal
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Gel Free Polymerization of N,N′-Methylenebisacrylamide Initiated by a Peroxodiphosphate-Thioacetamide Redox System. A Kinetic Study
( pp.1007 - 1013 )
Kunj Behari1), Uma Agrawal1) and Rima Das1)

Thermally Stimulated Current Study of Poly(vinyl chloride)/Poly(ethylene-co-methyl methacrylate) Blends
( pp.1015 - 1022 )
Shian-Ing Chen1) and Chao-Cheng Yang2)

Morphological, Rheological, and Mechanical Properties of Polyamide 6/Styrene-Acrylic Acid Copolymer Blends
( pp.1023 - 1031 )
Won Ho Jo1), Hong Gyun Kim1) and Suk Hoon Chae1)

Photopolymerizations of Methyl Methacrylate with N-Cetylpyridinium Bromide and N-Cetylpyridinium Chloride in Aqueous System
( pp.1033 - 1038 )
Shozo Shimada1), Katsuhiko Nakagawa2) and Kenzo Tabuchi2)

Addition Reaction of Phenylphosphines to Styrenes as the Model of Polyaddition. Study on the Rate-Determining Step and Substituent Effect
( pp.1039 - 1048 )
Takatsugu Obata1), Eiichi Kobayashi1), Sadahito Aoshima1) and Junji Furukawa1)

Addition Reaction of Phenylphosphines to Ethynylbenzenes as the Model of Polyaddition. Study on the Rate-Determining Step and Substituent Effect
( pp.1049 - 1057 )
Eiichi Kobayashi1), Takatsugu Obata1), Sadahito Aoshima1) and Junji Furukawa1)

UV Characteristics and Performance as Positive-Working Deep, Mid, and Near UV Resists of Phenyl Isopropenyl Ketone Copolymers
( pp.1059 - 1067 )
Kazuyuki Sugita1), Nobuo Ueno1), Kieko Harada1), Masahito Kushida1), Yasushi Suzuki1), Yasunori Takeuchi2) and James Guillet2)

Anti-AIDS Virus Activity in vitro of Dextran Sulfates Obtained by Sulfation of Synthetic and Natural Dextrans
( pp.1069 - 1077 )
Takashi Yoshida1), Hideki Nakashima2), Naoki Yamamoto2) and Toshiyuki Uryu1)

Poly(1-alkyne)s as a Comb-Like Polymer with a Rigid Main-Chain
( pp.1079 - 1086 )
Kenji Yokota1), Masao Ohtubo1), Tadamichi Hirabayashi1) and Yoshihito Inai1)

Phase Behavior and Ordering Characteristics of Some Chain Molecules Dissolved in a Nematic Liquid Crystal, 4′-Methoxybenzylidene-4-n-butylaniline
( pp.1087 - 1098 )
Akihiro Abe1), Emi Iizumi1) and Yuji Sasanuma1)

Synthesis and Characterization of N-Phenylated Wholly Aromatic Non-Cyclic Polyimides from N,N′-Diphenylphthalimidoyl Chlorides and Phthalic Acids
( pp.1099 - 1105 )
Yasuo Saegusa1), Ayako Inoo1) and Shigeo Nakamura1)

Metachromasy in Polymer Films. Changes in the Absorption Spectrum of Methylene Blue in Nafion Films by Hydration
( pp.1107 - 1112 )
Soichi Otsuki1) and Kimihiro Adachi1)



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