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Polymer Journal
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Side Chain Motion and Structure of Racemic Poly(γ-benzyl glutamate) as Studied by Solid State High-Resolution 13C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
( pp.427 - 433 )
Masashi Yamaguchi1) and Akihiro Tsutsumi2)

Polymer-Polymer and Copolymer-Copolymer Miscibility in Blends: A Morphological Study
( pp.435 - 444 )
Salah E. M. El- Begawy1) and M. B. Huglin1)

Drawing of Low-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene Gel Films and Ultrahigh-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene Melt Films
( pp.445 - 452 )
Tetsuya Ogita1), Hirotsugu Yasuda1), Nobuyasu Suzuki1), Masatomo Minagawa1) and Masaru Matsuo2)

Formation and Properties of the Lyotropic Mesophase of the Cellulose/Mixed Inorganic Acid System
( pp.453 - 461 )
Kenji Kamide1), Ikuya Miyamoto1) and Kunihiko Okajima1)

Rheological and Thermal Properties of Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Ethylene Glycol-Water Gels
( pp.463 - 472 )
Katsuyoshi Nishinari1) and Mineo Watase2)

Electric Conductivity, Elasticity, and Optical Spectra in Blend Gels of Polydiacetylenes: P(3BCMU)/P(4BCMU)/Mixed Solvent System
( pp.473 - 479 )
Pingfan Chen1), Keiichiro Adachi1) and Tadao Kotaka1)

Synthesis and Properties of Charged Copolypeptides Membranes as Biodegradable Materials
( pp.481 - 488 )
Toshio Hayashi1), Yasuko Iizuka2), Masanao Oya2) and Makoto Iwatsuki3)

Immobilization of Thiol Proteases onto Porous Poly(vinyl alcohol) Beads
( pp.489 - 497 )
Toshio Hayashi1), Suong-Hyu Hyon1), Won-Ill Cha1) and Yoshito Ikada1)

Synthesis and Biological Properties of Polymer Immunoadjuvants
( pp.499 - 505 )
Hai-Quan Mao1), Ren-Xi Zhuo1) and Chang-Lie Fan1)

Kinetics of the Addition Reactions of Thiobenzoic Acids to Styrenes or Ethynylbenzenes as the Model of Polyaddition. Study on the Rate-Determining Step and Substituent Effect
( pp.507 - 520 )
Eiichi Kobayashi1), Masaki Sakakibara1), Takatsugu Obata1), Sadahito Aoshima1) and Junji Furukawa1)

Synthesis of Poly(methyl methacrylate) Microspheres Bearing Phosphatidylcholine Analogous and Azobenzene Moieties
( pp.521 - 527 )
Kazuo Sugiyama1), Kohei Shiraishi1), Koji Ohga2), Hiroyuki Shirahama3), Hisashi Tamai3), Kiyoshi Kikukawa2) and Hajime Yasuda3)

Kinetic Study on the Formation of Polyelectrolyte Complexes. Poly(L-lysine hydrobromide) and Poly(L-glutamate sodium salt)
( pp.529 - 533 )
Hiroko Sato1)2) and Hiroyuki Seki1)2)

Living Polymerization of [o-(Trimethylsilyl)phenyl]acetylene by Molybdenum-Based Three-Component Catalysts
( pp.535 - 539 )
Toshio Masuda1), Jun’Ichi Fujimori1), Mohamad Zaki Ab. Rahman1) and Toshinobu Higashimura1)

Enthalpy Relaxation in Poly(aryl ether ketone bearing phthalidylidene group)
( pp.541 - 543 )
Mingqiu Zhang1), Kancheng Mai1) and Hanmin Zeng1)



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