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Polymer Journal
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Binding of Hydrophobic Counterions by Polyelectrolyte and Their Hydrophobic Association around Polyion
( pp.545 - 552 )
Tomoyuki Itaya1), Kazuyoshi Ueda1), Hiroshi Ochiai1) and Akira Imamura1)

Measurement of Viscoelastic Properties of Polymer Solutions by Torsional Crystals
( pp.553 - 559 )
Haruyo Yoshizaki1)

Synthesis of Thermal Phase Separating Reactive Polymers and Their Applications in Immobilized Enzymes
( pp.561 - 567 )
Feng Liu1), Guoliang Tao1) and Renxi Zhuo1)

Infrared Spectroscopic and Thermal Investigations of a New Miscible Blend System Composed of 3,4′-Oxydianiline Derived Polyisophthalamide and 4,4′-Oxydianiline/3,3′,4,4′-Biphenyltetracarboxylic Dianhydride Based Polyimide
( pp.569 - 576 )
Shoichi Nakata1), Masa-aki Kakimoto1) and Yoshio Imai1)

Correlation between Positron Annihilation and Sorption of CO2 in Glassy Polymers
( pp.577 - 584 )
Kazuhiro Tanaka1), Ken-ichi Okamoto1), Hidetoshi Kita1) and Yasuo Ito2)

Characterization of Poly(β-L-malic acid) Produced by Aureobasidium sp. A-91
( pp.585 - 592 )
Naoki Nagata1), Tadaatsu Nakahara1), Takeshi Tabuchi1), Reiko Morita2), Jason R. Brewer2) and Shouei Fujishige2)

Thermal Characterization and Crystallinity Changes in Semicrystalline Poly(ether ester) on UV Irradiations
( pp.593 - 598 )
R. Mani1) and R. P. Singh1)

Synthesis of Bipyridyl-Branched Polyoxazoline and Its Gelation by Means of Metal Coordination
( pp.599 - 608 )
Yoshiki Chujo1), Kazuki Sada1) and Takeo Saegusa1)

Preparation and Characterization of Spherical Polymer Packings from N,N-Dialkylacrylamide for Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography
( pp.609 - 618 )
Shoji Nagaoka1), Hirotaka Ihara1) and Chuichi Hirayama1)

Conductivity Changes of Polyacetylene Exposed to SO2
( pp.619 - 624 )
Gerlinde Bischoff1), Johann-Georg Rabe1), Werner F. Schmidt1) and Katsumi Yoshino2)

Tertiary Amino Polymers by Polyaddition of 2,2′-Alkylenediiminodiethanethiols to 1,4-Bismethacryoylpiperazine
( pp.625 - 631 )
E. Ranucci1), F. Bignotti1), E. Dancelli1) and P. Ferruti1)

Preparation and Properties of Poly(phenylacetylene) Membranes Containing Perfluoroalkyl Groups
( pp.633 - 637 )
Yoshio Hayakawa1), Masakazu Nishida1), Haruhiko Fukaya1) and Hiroshige Muramatsu2)

Oligomerization of Allyl Methacrylate in the Presence of Ethylaluminum Compounds and Isolation of Its Unimer and Dimer
( pp.639 - 643 )
Kazumi Yamaguchi1) and Kazuaki Yokota2)

Optical Absorbency Study on the Hydration of Polyvinylpyrrolidone Films Containing Cobalt Chloride
( pp.645 - 650 )
Soichi Otsuki1) and Kimihiro Adachi1)

Comparison of Steady-State and Dynamic Fluorescence Anisotropy of Dansyl Probe in the Volume Phase Transition of Poly(acrylamide) Gel
( pp.651 - 654 )
Yuxin Hu1), Kazuyuki Horie1) and Hideharu Ushiki2)

Reductive Decomposition of α-Brominated Polystyrene Using a Reducing System of Zn-Methylviologen
( pp.655 - 658 )
Rikiya Sato1), Yasushi Kobayashi1), Yukihito Tomita1), Hisashi Takeuchi1) and Makoto Takeishi1)



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