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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.25 No.8 (1993)

Polymer Journal
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Radical Polymerization of 2,4,5-Tribromostyrene
( pp.781 - 787 )
Tsutomu Oishi1), Haruyuki Horie2) and Hideo Shuyama2)

Application of f1-Decoupled 2D-NMR Methods for Characterizing the Stereochemical Structure of tert-Butyl Acrylate Oligomers
( pp.789 - 805 )
Miloš Suchopárek1) and Jirí Spevácek1)

Low Temperature Wurtz-Type Polymerization of Substituted Dichlorosilanes
( pp.807 - 823 )
R. D. Miller1), E. J. Ginsburg1) and D. Thompson1)

Poly-alkoxides as Functional Polymer Photocatalyst
( pp.825 - 831 )
Hisashi Ueda1)

Structures of Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Poly(styrene sulfonic acid) Sodium Salt Blend Hydrogels and Contraction by Absorption of Water into Dried Blend Hydrogels in the Drawn State
( pp.833 - 838 )
Masanobu Nagura1), Kohji Usui1), Naoya Takagi1), Hiroshi Nishimura1), Jyun Murai1) and Yutaka Ohkoshi1)

Cationic Copolymerization of Divinyl Ethers with Vinyl Ether. Synthesis and Cation-Binding Property of Copolymer with Benzo-19-Crown-6 Units
( pp.839 - 845 )
Toyoji Kakuchi1), Katsutoshi Aoki1), Osamu Haba1) and Kazuaki Yokota1)

Preparation of Core-Corona Type Microgels of Polyacrylamide
( pp.847 - 851 )
Kong Soo Kim1), Suk Hyeong Cho2) and Young Jun Kim3)

Crosslinked Poly(ethylene oxide) as a Phase Transfer Catalyst in Reactions of C- and O-Alkylation
( pp.853 - 861 )
T. Tsanov1), R. Stamenova1) and C. Tsvetanov1)

Preparation and Properties of Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystalline Polysiloxanes Possessing (S)-(−)-4-(2-methylbutyloxycarbonyl)phenyl 4′-(5-hexyloxy)biphenyl-4-carboxylate as Side Chain Mesogen Unit
( pp.863 - 872 )
Nawalage F. Cooray1), Masa-aki Kakimoto1), Yoshio Imai1) and Yoshi-ichi Suzuki2)

Synthesis and Polymerization of Aromatic Polyamide and Polyester Macromonomers
( pp.873 - 881 )
Mayumi Izawa1), Sadaaki Nunomoto1) and Yusuke Kawakami2)

New High Pressure Polymerization and Simultaneous Processing for Polyaminoimide from Aromatic Diamine and Bismaleimide
( pp.883 - 890 )
Kazuo Itoya1), Yoshihiro Kumagai1), Masami Kanamaru1), Hidetsugu Sawada1), Masa-aki Kakimoto1), Yoshio Imai1) and Osamu Fukunaga2)

Reactions of Organoboron Polymers Prepared by Hydroboration Polymerization V. Synthesis of Polymers Having Cyano Groups by the Reaction with 2-Bromo-6-lithiopyridine
( pp.891 - 895 )
Yoshiki Chujo1), Masao Morimoto1) and Ikuyoshi Tomita1)



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