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Polymer Journal
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Analytical-Numerical Procedure to Determine if a Set of Experimental Curves Can Be Superimposed to Form a Master Curve
( pp.981 - 992 )
Élida B. Hermida1) and F. Povolo2)

Ionic Conductivity and 7Li NMR Study of Solid Polymer Electrolytes Based on Polyetherurethane Copolymer Networks
( pp.993 - 1001 )
Dong-Won Kim1), Jung-Ki Park1), Hee-Woo Rhee2) and Hong-Doo Kim3)

Study of Polyolefin Gel in Organic Solvents IX. Ethylene Sequence Distribution of Ethylene–Propylene Random Copolymer and Crystalline Junction Size in Its Thermoreversible Gel
( pp.1002 - 1012 )
Yoshihiro Moteki1), Masaru Okabe2), Masato Takahashi3) and Hideomi Matsuda3)

Preparation and Characterization of α-Benzyl-ω-vinylbenzyl Polystyrene Macromonomer
( pp.1013 - 1018 )
Yasuhisa Tsukahara1), Jun Inoue1), Yoshinori Ohta1), Shinzo Kohjiya1) and Yoshio Okamoto2)

Sol–Gel Transition during Inclusion Complex Formation between α-Cyclodextrin and High Molecular Weight Poly(ethylene glycol)s in Aqueous Solution
( pp.1019 - 1026 )
Jun Li1), Akira Harada1) and Mikiharu Kamachi1)

Effect of Crystalline Relaxation on Fatigue Behavior of the Oriented High-Density Polyethylene Based on Nonlinear Viscoelastic Measurements
( pp.1027 - 1036 )
Nam-Ju Jo1), Atsushi Takahara1) and Tisato Kajiyama1)

Influence of the Blending Method and Poly(methyl methacrylate) Tacticity in Its Miscibility with Poly(hydroxy ether of bisphenol A, phenoxy)
( pp.1037 - 1046 )
Mireia Alberdi1), Enrique Espi1), Maria J. Fernandez-Berridi1) and Juan J. Iruin1)

Photochemical Transformation of Telomers III. Photolysis of Dimethyl (2R*,4R*)-2-Bromo-2,4-dimethyl-4-(2,2,2-trichloroethyl)glutarate
( pp.1047 - 1053 )
Takao Kimura1), Masaru Kamewada1), Jun Kinoshita1) and Masahiro Minabe1)

Amplitude-Dependent Dynamical Behavior of Poly(methyl methacrylate)
( pp.1054 - 1062 )
F. Povolo1) and S. N. Goyanes1)

Approximation Simulation of Dynamics of Lattice Model for Comb Polymer Chains
( pp.1063 - 1069 )
Linxi Zhang1), Jianmin Xu1) and Longshao Zhao1)

Cationic Graft-Polymerization of 2-Methyl-2-oxazoline on Monodispersed Polymer-Coated Ultrafine Silica Particles
( pp.1070 - 1079 )
Kohji Yoshinaga1) and Yoshio Hidaka1)

Radical Copolymerization Reactivity of 1-Butadienyloxytrimethylsilane
( pp.1080 - 1084 )
Hiroshi Sumi1), Takumi Noto1), Yoshihito Inai1), Tadamichi Hirabayashi1) and Kenji Yokota1)

Conformation of Amylose and Excluded-Volume Effects on Its Chain Dimensions
( pp.1085 - 1089 )
Yasushi Nakata1), Shinichi Kitamura1), Kenichi Takeo,1) and Takashi Norisuye2)

Optical Writing Effect for Liquid Crystalline Polymer/Photoisomerizable Molecule/Low Molecular Weight Liquid Crystal Ternary Composite System
( pp.1090 - 1092 )
Kimiaki Nakamura1), Hirotsugu Kikuchi1) and Tisato Kajiyama1)



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