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Polymer Journal
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Moduli of Elastomeric Networks Prepared by Tetrafunctionally Endlinking Vinyl-Terminated Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Chains at Low Temperature
( pp.375 - 382 )
Mohammed A. Sharaf2), James E. Mark1) and A. S. Alshamsi3)

Dielectric Relaxation Behaviour of Ethyl Methacrylate and Vinyl Acetate Grafted Poly[tetrafluoroethylene-co-(perfluorovinyl ether)] Films Prepared by Direct Radiation Grafting Method
( pp.383 - 391 )
Mervat Mohamed Abdel Aal1), Massarat B. S. Osman1) and Samia M. Mokhtar2)

Effects of Molecular Weight of Reaction Media on Formation of Volatile Oligomers by Thermal Degradation of Polyisobutylene
( pp.392 - 399 )
Takashi Sawaguchi1) and Manabu Seno1)

Photopolymerization of Butyl Acrylate Microemulsion. Effect of Reaction Conditions and Additives on Fates of Desorbed Radicals
( pp.400 - 406 )
Ignác Capek1)

Cure Behavior of an Epoxy-Anhydride-Imidazole System
( pp.407 - 411 )
Won Ho Park1), Jong Keun Lee1) and Kee Jeong Kwon2)

Doping-Induced Layered Structure in N-Alkylated Polyanilines
( pp.412 - 418 )
Wen-Yue Zheng1), Kalle Levon1), Tapani Taka2), Jukka Laakso2) and Jan-Eric Österholm2)

Electro-Rheological Response of Anisotropic Solution of Poly(hexyl isocyanate) Measured by Parallel Plates Sliding Rheometer
( pp.419 - 423 )
Katsufumi Tanaka1), Ryuichi Akiyama1) and Keigo Takada1)

The Influential Factors to Achieve High Modulus Fibers and Injection Molded Specimens of Polyarylates
( pp.424 - 431 )
Toshihide Inoue1), Norikazu Tabata1) and Toru Yamanaka1)

Double Isomerization Polymerization of Optically Active Cyclic Pseudoureas
( pp.432 - 439 )
Masatoshi Miyamoto1) and Takashi Umezawa2)

Chain-Length Effects on Helix-Forming Tendency in Sequential Peptides Containing Z-Dehydrophenylalanine Residues
( pp.440 - 445 )
Yoshihito Inai1), Kazuto Hasegawa1), Tadamichi Hirabayashi1) and Kenji Yokota1)

Synthesis of High Molecular Weight Nylon 6 by Anionrc Polymerization of ε-Caprolactam
( pp.446 - 451 )
Kazue Ueda1), Kazunobu Yamada1), Makoto Nakai1), Tsunetoshi Matsuda1), Masahiro Hosoda1) and Kazuo Tai1)

Higher Order Structure and Thermo-Responsive Properties of Polymeric Gel with Crystalline Side Chains
( pp.452 - 457 )
Xiaowei He1), Yushi Oishi1), Atsushi Takahara1) and Tisato Kajiyama1)

Diastereomeric Differences of “Pendant Type” Monosubstituted Cyclodextrins, Mono-[6-deoxy-6N(N′-formyl L- and D-phenylglycylamino)]-β-cyclodextrin in Conformation and “Induced-fit” Behavior
( pp.458 - 464 )
Keiko Takahashi1) and Rikia Furushoh1)

Stereocomplex Formation between (+)- and (−)-Poly(menthyl methacrylate) in Bulk
( pp.465 - 466 )
Yutian Shi1), Bin Yu1), Mengxian Ding1) and Fosong Wang1)

(S)-1,2-Propanediol as the Simplest Acyclic Template for the Asymmetric Induction in Cyclocopolymerization
( pp.467 - 469 )
Osamu Haba1), Yasushi Morimoto1), Takahiro Uesaka1), Kazuaki Yokota1) and Toyoji Kakuchi2)



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