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Polymer Journal
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Distribution Function P(S) of Uniform Star Polymers
( pp.471 - 473 )
Linxi Zhang1)

Conformational Study of α Poly(L-valine). A Vibrational Approach
( pp.474 - 480 )
Leena Burman1), Poonam Tandon1), V. D. Gupta1) and S. Rastogi1)

Synthesis of Novel Coordination Polyurethanes
( pp.481 - 488 )
Lei Chen1), Hao Xu1), Yuping Zhu1), Changzheng Yang1) and Guang Shen2)

Melting and Crystallization of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene with Appearance of Hexagonal Phase I. Melting Processes of Fibers under Constrained State
( pp.489 - 495 )
Shinsuke Tsubakihara1), Atsushi Nakamura1) and Munehisa Yasuniwa1)

Micro-Composites of Poly(styrene) and Nylon 3 by in-situ Polymerization
( pp.496 - 500 )
Jeongwoong Ann2), Masahiro Rikukawa1), Kohei Sanui1) and Naoya Ogata1)

Phase Behavior and Interchange Reactions in Poly(butylene terephthalate)/Poly(ester-carbonate) Blends
( pp.501 - 506 )
Jose Luis Rodríguez1), Jose Ignacio Eguiazábal1) and Jon Nazábal1)

Morphological Formation of the Regenerated Cellulose Membranes Recovered from Its Cuprammonium Solution Using Various Coagulants
( pp.507 - 512 )
Miki Inamoto1), Ikuya Miyamoto1), Tomoko Hongo1), Michitaka Iwata1) and Kunihiko Okajima1)

Synthesis and Characterization of Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polydienes and Their Hydrogenated Derivatives
( pp.513 - 519 )
Yusuke Kawakami1), Motokuni Ichitani1)2), Hideo Kunisada2) and Yasuo Yuki2)

Regio- and Stereoselective Cyclopolymerization of 1,2:5,6-Dranhydro-3,4-di-O-methyl-D-glucitol Leading to Polymers with 2,5-Anhydro-3,4-di-O-methyl-D-mannitol and/or -L-iditol Units
( pp.520 - 526 )
Toshifumi Satoh1), Takeshi Hatakeyama1), Satoshi Umeda1), Kazuaki Yokota1) and Toyoji Kakuchi2)

Interrelationships between Rheological, Morphological, and Mechanical Properties of Polystyrene/Liquid Crystalline Polymer Blends
( pp.527 - 534 )
Gi Dae Choi1), Seung Hyun Kim1) and Won Ho Jo1)

Sterically Hindered Elementary Reactions in Radical Polymerization of α-Ethylacrylic Esters as Studied by ESR Spectroscopy
( pp.535 - 542 )
Seiya Kobatake1) and Bunichiro Yamada1)

Monte Carlo Simulation of Polymer Chains with Excluded Volume on a Cubic Lattice. Local Overlap Model
( pp.543 - 547 )
Mark Naoshi Kawaguchi1)

Distribution Density Function P(S) of Self-Avoiding Walk Chains
( pp.548 - 549 )
Linxi Zhang1)

Influence of Microwaves Irradiation on Modification of Oxetane Based Polymers with 4-(2-Amino-ethyl)morpholine
( pp.550 - 552 )
Nicolae Hurduc1), Jean-Marc Buisine2), Patrick Decock3), Jacky Talewee3) and Gheorghe Surpateanu3)

Synthesis and Properties of Polyguanamines from 2,4-Dichloro-6-phenyl-1,3,5-triazine and Diamine
( pp.553 - 555 )
Yasuo Yuki1), Hideo Kunisada1), Kazuhiro Iida1) and Shuji Kondo1)

Pronounced Effects of Temperature and Monomer Concentration on Isotactic Specificity of Triphenylmethyl Methacrylate Polymerization through Free Radical Mechanism. Thermodynamic versus Kinetic Control of Propagation Stereochemistry
( pp.556 - 558 )
Tamaki Nakano1), Akihiro Matsuda1) and Yoshio Okamoto1)



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