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Polymer Journal
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Synthesis and Properties of Polyaniline/Sodium and Zinc Ionomer Composites
( pp.875 - 880 )
Yuming Wang1), Hongquan Xie1), Ying Cai1) and Junshi Guo1)

Influence of Drawing Down on the Properties of Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer/Polyether Sulfone Composites
( pp.881 - 883 )
Huimin Wang1), Xiaosu Yi2) and Georg Hinrichsen3)

In situ Fibre Composites from Poly(phenylene sulphide)/Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer Blends. Melting, Crystallization, and Phase Behavior
( pp.884 - 888 )
T. G. Gopakumar1), S. Ponrathnam1), C. R. Rajan1) and Alain Fradet2)

Bulk Crystallization Behavior of Poly(ε-caprolactone) with a Wide Range of Molecular Weight
( pp.889 - 893 )
Wen-Chung Ou-Yang1), Lain-Jong Li2), Hsin-Lung Chen3) and Jenn Chiu Hwang4)

Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate)s Produced by Pseudomonas oleovorans Grown by Feeding Nonanoic and 10-Undecenoic Acids in Sequence
( pp.894 - 898 )
Young Baek Kim1), Young-Ha Rhee2), Robert W. Lenz3) and R. Clinton Fuller4)

Synthesis of Polymers in Aqueous Solutions. Synthesis of Polyesters by Reactions of Dicarboxylic Acids with Alkylene Dihalides Using 1,8-Diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene in Aqueous Solutions
( pp.899 - 903 )
Youji Yamada1), Atsushi Kameyama1) and Tadatomi Nishikubo1)

Interfacial Adhesion Strength between Fibers of Liquid Crystalline Polymer and Thermoplastic Matrix
( pp.904 - 909 )
Kilwon Cho1), Taehyun Kong1) and Daeho Lee1)

Fractionation of Poly(ethylene oxide) Star Samples by Supercritical Fluids
( pp.910 - 913 )
François Cansell1), Philippe Botella1), Jean-Luc Six2), Yves Garrabos1), Roland Tufeu3) and Yves Gnanou2)

Vibrational Dynamics and Heat Capacity of Poly(L-lysine)
( pp.914 - 922 )
Navnit Kumar Misra1), Deepti Kapoor1), Poonam Tandon1) and Vishwambhar Dayal Gupta1)

Preparation and Characterization of Siloxane-Imide Block Copolymers Based on 3,3′,4,4′-Benzophenonetetracarboxylic Dianhydride
( pp.923 - 930 )
Yasuharu Yamada1) and Nobuyuki Furukawa1)

High Pressure Cell for Small-Angle Neutron and Light Scattering Studies of Phase Transitions in Complex Liquids
( pp.931 - 939 )
Hiroyuki Takeno1), Michihiro Nagao2), Yoshiaki Nakayama3), Hirokazu Hasegawa1), Takeji Hashimoto1), Hideki Seto2) and Masayuki Imai4)

New Method for Determination of Hydrogen Abstraction Ability of Organic Peroxides
( pp.940 - 943 )
Yasumasa Watanabe1), Hideyo Ishigaki1), Hiroshi Okada1) and Shuji Suyama1)

Aromatic Poly(ether imide)s Bearing Isopropylidene or Hexafluoroisopropylidene Links in the Main Chain
( pp.944 - 948 )
Sheng-Huei Hsiao1) and Chou-Huan Yu1)

Stabilization of [4Fe-4S] Ferredoxin Model Complex by a Combination of Hydrophobic Cholyl Group and the Specific NH···S Hydrogen Bond in Aqueous Micellar Solution
( pp.949 - 951 )
Norikazu Ueyama1), Masahiro Inohara1), Takafumi Ueno1), Taka-aki Okamura1) and Akira Nakamura1)

Colloidal Solution of Poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl) in Mixtures of Chloroform and Methanol and Alignment of the Polymer in Stretched Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Film. Investigation for Intermolecular Interaction and Alignment of the Polymer
( pp.952 - 956 )
Takakazu Yamamoto1) and Dharma Komarudin1)

Group Transfer Polymerization of Methyl Crotonate
( pp.957 - 958 )
Koichi Ute1), Toshiyuki Tarao1) and Koichi Hatada1)



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