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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.30 No.11 (1998)

Polymer Journal
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Universal Supercritical Binary Mixture for Polymer Fractionation
( pp.863 - 867 )
Stéphanie Rey1) and François Cansell1)

Spherulitic Growth of Poly(ethylene oxide) from Viscous Solution
( pp.868 - 873 )
Takashi Sasaki1), Yasuhisa Yamamoto1) and Toshisada Takahashi1)

Compatibility and Crystallization Studies on Poly(phenyl acetylene)/Polycaprolactone Blend
( pp.874 - 878 )
Hsin-Lung Chen2), Der-Jang Liaw1), Been-Yang Liaw1), Chu-Lun Shih1) and Jang-Shiang Tsai1)

A New Simple Synthesis of Soluble Poly(p-diethynylbenzene) Catalyzed by Cobalt-Phosphine
( pp.879 - 882 )
Ziqiang Lei2), Mujie Yang1), Xiaowei Chan1) and Lingjun Zhang1)

Estimation of Crystalline Junction Size of Linear High-Density Polyethylene Gel Comprised of Lamellae
( pp.883 - 888 )
Masaru Okabe1) and Akira Takahashi2)

Shape of Polymer Chains Confined in Spheres
( pp.889 - 890 )
Mengbo Luo1), Jianhua Huang2) and Jianmin Xu1)

NMR and Theoretical Study on Conformation of Methacrolein Dimer, 2,5-Dimethyl-3,4-dihydro-2H-pyran-2-carboxyaldehyde
( pp.891 - 896 )
Susumu Sofue1), Terumasa Yamasaki2), Hideo Morita3) and Yoshiharu Kitahama4)

Synthesis and Properties of Thermally Resistant Poly(amide-imide)s
( pp.897 - 903 )
Kang-Ching Chan1) and Teh-Chou Chang1)

Synthesis and Polymerization of Methacrylate Having Fullerene
( pp.904 - 909 )
Hisaya Sato1), Daichi Matsuda1) and Kenji Ogino1)

Effects of Side-Chain Structure and Solvent on Intramolecular Hydrogen Bonding in Isotactic Poly(methacrylamide)s
( pp.910 - 914 )
Takayuki Nakahira1), Lin Fan2), Cham Tau Boon1), Takayuki Fukada1), Takeshi Karato1), Masahiko Annaka1) and Masako Yoshikuni1)

Synthesis of Poly(ethylene adipate) with a Stable Nitroxyl Radical at Both Chain Ends, and Applications to a Counter Radical for Living Radical Polymerization
( pp.915 - 920 )
Eri Yoshida1) and Masashi Nakamura1)

Microscopic Acid Dissociation of the 1:1 Copolymer of Methacrylic Acid and 2-Vinylpyridine
( pp.921 - 924 )
Seizo Masuda1), Keiji Minagawa1), Masanori Tsuda1) and Masami Tanaka2)

Evidence for the Volumetric Expansion of N-Benzylpyrazinium Hexafluoroantimonate and Epoxy Mixture during Curing Reaction
( pp.925 - 928 )
Youn Cheol Kim1) and Jae-Rock Lee1)

Effects of Wavelength on Strain-Induced Birefringence of Polymers
( pp.929 - 934 )
Tadashi Inoue1), Shozo Kuwada1), Deug-Soo Ryu1) and Kunihiro Osaki1)

Detection of Photopolymerization Processes of Diacetylenic Langmuir-Blodgett Films on a Core of Plastic Optical Fiber as a Light-Emitting Diode Signal Change
( pp.935 - 937 )
Nobuyuki Higashi1), Tomoki Kato1) and Masazo Niwa1)



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