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Polymer Journal
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Method for Evaluation of Concentration of Solvent Molecules in a Specified Region of Regenerated Cellulose Solid
( pp.939 - 945 )
Sei-ichi Manabe1) and Rumiko Fujioka1)2)

Linearly Polarized Ultraviolet Photoreaction of Poly[6-(4′-cinnamoylbiphenyl-4-yloxy)hexyl methacrylate] and Alignment Behavior of Liquid Crystals on the Resultant Photoreacted Films
( pp.946 - 949 )
Nobuhiro Kawatsuki1), Ken Takatani1), Tohei Yamamoto1) and Hiroshi Ono2)

Structural Investigation of Poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate) (DP1100)
( pp.950 - 955 )
Sujata Rath1)

Microstructures of Styrene-Acrylamide Copolymers Using 13C NMR Spectroscopy
( pp.956 - 962 )
Arnab Dasgupta1) and Baijayantimala Garnaik1)

New Elastomers Based on Uralkyd/Polystyrene Interpenetrating Polymer Networks
( pp.963 - 967 )
Vilas Athawale1) and Sachin Raut1)

Effects of Copolymer Composition on the Crystallization and Morphology of Poly(ε-caprolactone)-block-Polystyrene
( pp.968 - 975 )
Shuichi Nojima1), Masato Fujimoto1), Hiroshi Kakihira1) and Shintaro Sasaki1)

Reduction/Oxidation Induced Cleavable/Crosslinkable Temperature-Sensitive Hydrogel Network Containing Disulfide Linkages
( pp.976 - 980 )
Haeshin Lee1) and Tae Gwan Park1)

CO2 Permeation and Diffusion Properties of Semicrystalline Poly(4-methyl pentene-1) Membranes
( pp.981 - 984 )
Hiroaki Yoshimizu1), Hiroki Fukatsu1), Tomoyuki Suzuki1), Yoshiharu Tsujita1) and Takatoshi Kinoshita1)

Synthesis of Polystyrene and Poly(alkyl methacrylate)s Having Photochromic Dithienylethene Pendant Groups
( pp.985 - 989 )
Hisataka Nakashima1) and Masahiro Irie2)

Reversible Formation of Interpenetrating Polymer Network Structure in Organic-Inorganic Polymer Hybrids
( pp.990 - 995 )
Yusuke Imai1), Kensuke Naka1) and Yoshiki Chujo1)

Structure of Nascent Microbial Cellulose V. Influence of Number of Sulfonate Group in Fluorescent Brightener on Crystal Structure of Microbial Cellulose
( pp.996 - 1000 )
Akira Kai1) and Sherif M. A. S. Keshk1)

Elucidation of the Stereochemical Pathway to Isotactic Poly[(methylphenylsilylene)trimethylene] from Allylmethylphenylsilane
( pp.1001 - 1003 )
Yusuke Kawakami1), Toshiyuki Takahashi1), Yukio Yada1) and Ichiro Imae1)

Water Soluble Bottlebrushes
( pp.1004 - 1007 )
Seigou Kawaguchi1), Katsumi Akaike1), Zuo-Ming Zhang1), Haruki Matsumoto1) and Koichi Ito1)

Novel Aprotic Polar Polymers IV. Synthesis of Poly[N-bis(dimethylamino)phosphorylethylenimine] as a Polymer Homolog of Hexamethylphosphoramide
( pp.1008 - 1010 )
Toshiyuki Oyama1), Yasushi Ohkubo1), Kensuke Naka1) and Yoshiki Chujo1)



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