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Polymer Journal
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Crystalline Morphology and Melting Behavior of 100% Syndiotactic Polystyrene and 70/30 Blend of Syndiotactic Polystyrene and Poly(2, 6-dimethyl-1, 4-phenylenoxide)
( pp.187 - 191 )
Soon Man HONG2), Soo Hyun CHOI3), Chang Hyung LEE1), Seung Sang HWANG3), Kwang Ung KIM3) and Iwhan CHO2)

Humidity Sensitive Properties of Restructural Films Prepared from Polymer Latex with Carboxylic Acid Functional Groups
( pp.192 - 197 )
Chia-Fen LEE1) and Wen-Yen CHIU2)

Study of Chemo-Rheological Behavior of Newly Developed N-Benzylquinoxalinium Hexafluoroantimonate/Diglycidylether of Bisphenol A System
( pp.198 - 207 )
In-Ho MYUNG1), Jae-Rock LEE2) and In Jae CHUNG1)

Effect of Compatibilizer Content on the Tensile Properties and Fracture Toughness of High Density Polyethylene/Polystyrene Blends
( pp.208 - 214 )
Shi Ai XU1) and Sie Chin TJONG2)

Effects of Thickness on the Residual Stress Behavior of High Temperature Polyimide Films
( pp.215 - 221 )
Hyunsoo CHUNG1), Yung-Il JOE1) and Haksoo HAN1)

Plasma-Grafting of Polymers with Pendant Oligo(oxyethylene) Chains onto the Surface of a Polyaniline Electrode
( pp.222 - 227 )
Kenji YAMADA1), Akiko ITO1), Naoya IWAMOTO1), Toshihide HARAGUCHI1) and Tisato KAJIYAMA2)

Glass Transition Temperature-Composition Relationship of Oxyethylene Copolymers with Chloromethyl/(Ethylthio)methyl, Chloromethyl/(Ethylsulfinyl)methyl, or Chloromethyl/(Ethylsulfonyl)methyl Side Groups
( pp.228 - 233 )
Jong-Chan LEE1) and Morton H. LITT2)

Preparation of Poly(ether ether ketone) Dendrimers by the Divergen Method
( pp.234 - 242 )
Atsushi MORIKAWA1) and Katsumichi ONO1)

Preparation and Thermal Properties of Dicyanovinyl End-Capped Reactive Oligomers Linked with Azomethine Bond
( pp.243 - 248 )
Deog-Soo KIL2), Seung-Jae CHOI2) and Myoung-Seon GONG1)

Fractionation of Poly(ethylene glycol) by High Osmotic Pressure Chromatography
( pp.249 - 254 )
Shigetomo MATSUYAMA1), Hisae NAKAHARA1), Kazuhiko TAKEUCHI1), Ritsuko NAGAHATA1), Shinichi KINUGASA1) and Iwao TERAOKA2)

Preparation of Poly[(ether)-(ether ether ketone)] Dendrimers by the Convergent Method
( pp.255 - 262 )
Atsushi MORIKAWA1) and Katsumichi ONO1)

Primary Nucleation Rate and Radial Growth Rate of Poly(ethylene oxide) Spherulite in Viscous Solutions
( pp.263 - 268 )
Takashi SASAKI1), Yasuhisa YAMAMOTO1) and Toshisada TAKAHASHI1)

Complex Formation of Silk Fibroin with Poly(acrylic acid)
( pp.269 - 274 )
Qinwei GAO1), Zhengzhong SHAO1), Yuyu SUN1), Heng LIN1), Ping ZHOU1) and Tongyin YU1)

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Aromatic Polyimides from Aromatic Diamine and 3, 3''', 4, 4'''-p-Quarterphenyltetracarboxylic Dianhydride
( pp.275 - 279 )
Atsushi MORIKAWA1)

Synthesis and Biodegradability of Copolymers of Ethylene Carbonate with Lactones
( pp.280 - 286 )
Hiroyuki SHIRAHAMA1), Akinori KANETANI1) and Hajime YASUDA1)

Nonisothermal Cold Crystallization Kinetics of Poly(aryl ether diphenyl ether ketone)
( pp.287 - 290 )
Zhao Bin QIU1), Hong Wei ZHOU2), Zhi Shen MO1), Hong Fang ZHANG1) and Zhong Wen WU2)

Thermoanalytical Behavior of Moisture in Aromatic Polyamide and Polyimide Films
( pp.291 - 293 )
Sachio YASUFUKU1) and Minoru TODOKI2)

Development and Application of Latent Catalysts for Hydrosilylation Systems VIII1. Control of Catalytic Activity by Poly(1-phenylethylisocyanide)
( pp.294 - 296 )
Katsuhiko KISHI1), Taizo ISHIMARU1), Masayoshi OZONO1), Ikuyoshi TOMITA2) and Takeshi ENDO3)

Synthesis and Ring-Opening Reaction of 1, 6-Anhydro-6-deoxy-6-thio-2, 3, 4-tri-O-benzyl-β-D-glucopyranose
( pp.297 - 299 )
Kenichi HATANAKA2), Motonori SHIRASAKA1), Masayuki KATAYOSE1), Naoko WATANABE1), Hideya YUASA1) and Hironobu HASHIMOTO1)

Polymerization of Vinyl Chloride with Cp*Ti(OCH3)3-Methylaluminoxane Catalyst
( pp.300 - 302 )
Kiyoshi ENDO1) and Makoto SAITOH1)

N-Substituted-2-propynamides. Highly Reactive Acetylene Derivatives toward Hydrogen Migration Polymerization
( pp.303 - 305 )
Ryoji NOMURA1), Hideo NAKAKO1) and Toshio MASUDA1)



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