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Polymer Journal
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Tensile Crazing and Thermal History of Polyphenylquinoxaline Films
( pp.461 - 465 )
Wanjun LIU1), Jingshu SHEN1), Fengcai LU1) and Mao XU1)

Preparation and Characterization of Highly Transparent Conducting Composites Consisting of Acid-Doped Poly(o-toluidine) and Poly(methyl methacrylate)
( pp.466 - 470 )
Rahul C. PATIL1), Seddique M. AHMED1) and Kotaro OGURA1)

Effects of Sub Tg Annealing on the Mechanical Properties of Polycarbonate/Poly(ether ester) Copolymer Blends
( pp.471 - 475 )
Cheol Hee AHN1), Won Ho JO1) and Moo Sung LEE2)

Electrorheological Properties of Phosphoric Ester Cellulose Electrorheological Suspensions at Elevated Temperatures
( pp.476 - 480 )
Byeng-Gil AHN1), Ung-Soo CHOI1) and Oh-Kwan KWON1)

The Influence of Molecular Weight over the Ultrathin Films of Biodegradable Polyion Complexes between Chitosan and Poly(γ-glutamic acid)
( pp.481 - 485 )
Wanpen TACHABOONYAKIAT1), Takeshi SERIZAWA1), Takeshi ENDO2) and Mitsuru AKASHI1)

Low Temperature Annealing in Low Density Polyethylene. SAXS and DSC Studies
( pp.486 - 491 )

Reversible Photodimerization of Ester Derivatives of Thymine Having Long Alkyl Chains in Solid Film
( pp.492 - 500 )
Eiko MOCHIZUKI2), Norimitsu TOHNAI1), Yuhua WANG1), Takao SAITO1), Yoshiaki INAKI1), Mikiji MIYATA1), Nobuyoshi YASUI2) and Yasushi KAI2)

Electrorheological Performance of Chitosan Phosphate Suspension
( pp.501 - 504 )
Ung-Su CHOI1), Young-Gun KO1) and Jae-Yong KIM2)

TEM Studies on Thin Films of Natural Rubber and Polychloroprene Crystallized under Molecular Orientation II. Highly Prestretched Thin Films
( pp.505 - 512 )
Masaki TSUJI1), Toshiki SHIMIZU1) and Shinzo KOHJIYA1)

Shape of Three-Phase Coexistence Curve near the Critical End Points for Four-Component Homologous Polystyrene Solution
( pp.513 - 515 )
Masato SUZUKI1), Rio KITA1), Toshiaki DOBASHI1) and Mitsuo NAKATA2)

Soluble Mainchain Polyoxadiazoles as Electron Transport Materials
( pp.516 - 519 )
Matthias PATZ1), Masayuki TAKAHASHI1) and Kohei GOTO1)

Nanohybrids of Metal Nanoparticles and Block Copolymers. Control of Spatial Distribution of the Nanoparticles in Microdomain Space
( pp.520 - 523 )
Arimichi OKUMURA1), Kiyoharu TSUTSUMI1) and Takeji HASHIMOTO1)2)

Induction of Screw-Sense in Poly(isocyanide)s by Random Copolymerization between Chiral and Achiral Isocyanides Using Pd-Pt μ-Ethynediyl Dinuclear Complex as an Initiator
( pp.524 - 526 )
Fumie TAKEI1), Kiyotaka ONITSUKA1) and Shigetoshi TAKAHASHI1)

Silacyclobutanes as “Carbanion Pump” in Anionic Polymerization I. Anionic Polymerization of Styrene by Potassium t-Butoxide in the Presence of Silacyclobutanes
( pp.527 - 530 )
Md. Rezaul Karim SHEIKH1), Ichiro IMAE1), Kannan THARANIKKARASU1), Valérie Marie-Jeane LESTRAT1) and Yusuke KAWAKAMI1)



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