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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.32 No.7 (2000)

Polymer Journal
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Surface Morphology of Polyphenylsilsesquioxanes/Hydroxyl-Functionalized Polystyrene Blends Investigated by Atomic Force Microscopy
( pp.531 - 536 )
Dong Wook KIM1), Seung Sang HWANG1), Soon Man HONG1) and Eung-Chan LEE1)

Preparation, Characterization, and Ion Conductivities of the Polymer Electrolytes Based on Poly(ethylene oxide)-g-Poly(ethylene glycol)
( pp.537 - 542 )
Kuk Young CHO1), Kyoung-Hee LEE1) and Jung-Ki PARK1)

Asymmetric Anionic Oligomerization of N-Substituted Citraconimide with the Chiral Ligand-Organometal Complex
( pp.543 - 551 )
Tsutomu OISHI1), Kenjiro ONIMURA1), Wakako SUMIDA1), Hua ZHOU1) and Hiromori TSUTSUMI1)

Asymmetric Anionic Polymerization of Chiral (R)-(+)-N-α-Methylbenzylmaleimide with Chiral Ligand/Organometal Complex
( pp.552 - 559 )
Hua ZHOU1), Kenjiro ONIMURA1), Hiromori TSUTSUMI1) and Tsutomu OISHI1)

Calorimetric and Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Multiple Melting Endotherms of Poly(ethylene terephthalate)
( pp.560 - 566 )
Yong WANG1), Jin LU1) and Deyan SHEN1)

Crosslinked Polycarbosilanes. Synthesis and Properties
( pp.567 - 573 )
Manabu TSUMURA1) and Takahisa IWAHARA1)

Synthesis of Temperature/pH-Sensitive Hydrogels Containing Disulfide Linkages as Cross-Links and Their Characterization
( pp.574 - 582 )
Hsin-Cheng CHIU1) and Chau-Hui WANG1)

Effects of Diamines (1, 4-Phenylene Diamine and 4, 4´-Oxydianiline) on Water Sorption Behavior of Polyimide Thin Film
( pp.583 - 588 )
Jongchul SEO1), Anna LEE1), Junseok OH1) and Haksoo HAN1)

Enzymatic Synthesis and Curing of Poly(cardanol)
( pp.589 - 593 )
Ryohei IKEDA1)2), Hozumi TANAKA2), Hiroshi UYAMA3) and Shiro KOBAYASHI3)4)

Soluble Polyimides Based on Alkyldiaminobenzophenone
( pp.594 - 601 )
Yusuke TSUDA1), Takehiro KAWAUCHI1), Norihiko HIYOSHI2) and Shuntaro MATAKA3)

Effects of Molecular Weight and Crystallization Temperature on the Morphology Formation in Asymmetric Diblock Copolymers with a Highly Crystalline Block
( pp.602 - 609 )
Awaludin ROHADI1), Ryuji ENDO1), Satoshi TANIMOTO1), Shintaro SASAKI1) and Shuichi NOJIMA1)

Infrared Spectroscopic and Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetric Study of Physical Aging in Bisphenol A Polycarbonate
( pp.610 - 615 )
Jin LU1), Yong WANG1) and Deyan SHEN1)

Thermal Properties of Electrospun Polyesters
( pp.616 - 618 )
Jong-Sang KIM1) and Dai Soo LEE1)

Linear Structure and Viscometric and Electrical Properties of Nitrated Poly(p-phenylene)s
( pp.619 - 621 )
Takakazu YAMAMOTO1), Byoung-Ki CHOI1) and Kenji KUBOTA2)



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