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Polymer Journal
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Electropolymerization of Phenol on Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Electrodes in Carbonate Aqueous Medium
( pp.623 - 628 )
Pedro GARCÉS1), Rocío LAPUENTE2), Luís García ANDIÓN1), Francisco CASES3), Emilia MORALLÓN2) and José Luís VÁZQUEZ2)

Synthesis and Physical Properties of the Crosslinking Poly(butyl acrylate)/ Polystyrene Core-Shell Composite Latex
( pp.629 - 636 )
Chia-Fen LEE1), Yu-Hsia CHEN2) and Wen-Yen CHIU2)

Water-Soluble 2-Methacryloyloxyethyl Phosphorylcholine Copolymer as a Novel Synthetic Blocking Reagent in Immunoassay System
( pp.637 - 641 )
Shujirou SAKAKI1), Yasuhiko IWASAKI1), Nobuo NAKABAYASHI1) and Kazuhiko ISHIHARA2)

Effects of Initiator on the Morphology and Compatibility of Components of Poly(methyl methacrylate)/Polystyrene Composite Latex and Polymer Blends
( pp.642 - 650 )
Chia-Fen LEE1)

Synthesis of Mesoporous Silicate Gel from Tributylstannyl Ester of Polymeric Silicic Acid and Chlorosilane
( pp.651 - 656 )
Masayuki OIKAWA1), Toshifumi KAGEYAMA1), Toshio SUGIZAKI2), Osamu MORIYA3), Yoshiyuki NAKAMURA4) and Takeshi ENDO4)

Synthesis and Characterization of New Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polyoxazolines
( pp.657 - 664 )
Kyung-Min KIM1), Yusuke IMAI1), Kensuke NAKA1) and Yoshiki CHUJO1)

Molecular Aggregation and Ultrasonic Properties of Hydroxypropyl-Cellulose Films
( pp.665 - 669 )
Akira TANAKA1), Hiroshi ONODA2) and Koh-hei NITTA3)

Microemulsion Polymerization of Butyl Acrylate in the Presence of Polymeric Hydrophobes
( pp.670 - 675 )
Ignac CAPEK1)

Optical Properties of a Low Birefringence Polyester Containing Fluorene Side Chain I
( pp.676 - 682 )
Kazuo SAKURAI1) and Michiaki FUJI1)

Interpenetrated Spherulites of Poly(butylene succinate)/Poly(vinylidene chloride-co-vinyl chloride) Blends. An Optical Microscopic Study
( pp.683 - 687 )
Takayuki IKEHARA1) and Toshio NISHI1)

A Simple Technique for Measuring Particle Size Distributions during Suspension Polymerization
( pp.688 - 693 )
Giovanni POLACCO1), Carlo BASILE, Maurizio PALLA1) and Daniele SEMINO1)

Stereospecific Radical Polymerization of N-Methyl Methacrylamide
( pp.694 - 699 )
Jing ZHANG1), Weihong LIU2), Tamaki NAKANO3) and Yoshio OKAMOTO1)

Polymerization of Polar Vinyl Monomers by Cobalt Complex-Alkylaluminum Compound
( pp.700 - 702 )
Kenji TSUCHIHARA1), Yasuzo SUZUKI1), Michihiko ASAI1) and Kazuo SOGA2)

Direct Polycondensation of Carbon Dioxide with Various Diols Using the Triphenylphosphine/Bromotrichloromethane/N-Cyclohexyl-N´, N´, N´´, N´´-tetramethylguanidine System as Condensing Agent
( pp.703 - 706 )
Jun-ichi KADOKAWA1), Shinji FUKAMACHI1), Hideyuki TAGAYA1) and Koji CHIBA1)

Stereochemistry of Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Esters in the Presence of Lewis Acid
( pp.707 - 710 )
Kazunobu YAMADA1), Tamaki NAKANO2) and Yoshio OKAMOTO3)



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