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Polymer Journal
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Radical Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate by Captodative Substituted Morpholino Succinonitrile
( pp.711 - 715 )
Hitoshi TANAKA1), Yoshihiko TEZUKA1) and Ken-ichi FUJITA1)

Preparation and Evaluation of Crosslinked Polyelectrolyte Complex Membranes
( pp.716 - 721 )
Soon Hong LEE1)

Asymmetric Group Transfer Polymerization of N-Cyclohexylmaleimide with Lewis Acid and Chiral Ligand Complexes
( pp.722 - 728 )
Tsutomu OISHI1), Kenjiro ONIMURA1), Wakako SUMIDA1), Hua ZHOU1) and Hiromori TSUTSUMI1)

Electric Properties of Conducting Composite from Poly(ethylene oxide) and Poly(ethylene oxide)-Grafted Carbon Black in Solvent Vapor
( pp.729 - 736 )
Jinhua CHEN1) and Norio TSUBOKAWA2)

Self-Association in Water of Copolymers of Sodium 2-(Acrylamido)-2-methylpropanesulfonate and N-Oleylmethacrylamide Characterized by Fluorescence Quenching
( pp.737 - 744 )
Hiroshi YAMAMOTO1), Akihito HASHIDZUME1) and Yotaro MORISHIMA1)

Micellization Protocols for Amphiphilic Polyelectrolytes in Water. How Do Polymers Undergo Intrapolymer Associations?
( pp.745 - 752 )
Hiroshi YAMAMOTO1), Akihito HASHIDZUME1) and Yotaro MORISHIMA1)

Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Polymers Having Five-Membered Heterocycles as Mesogens V. Relationship between Polymer Structure and Thermotropic Liquid-Crystallinity in Semi-Rigid Polyesters Composed of Twin 2-Phenyl-1, 3, 4-thiadiazoles Having Central Aliphatic Chains
( pp.753 - 759 )
Moriyuki SATO1), Tomoaki YOSHINAGA1) and Naoyuki KOIDE2)

Dynamics of Sodium and Lithium Counter-Ions and Water Molecules in Cation-Exchange Resins as Shown by NMR Spectroscopy
( pp.760 - 770 )
Muneki OHUCHI1), Peter MEADOWS2), Hiroharu HORIUCHI3), Yoshirou SAKAKI4) and Kazuo FURIHATA5)

Stereocontrol in Radical Polymerization of N, N-Dimethylacrylamide and N, N-Diphenylacrylamide and Thermal Properties of Syndiotactic Poly(methyl acrylate)s Derived from the Obtained Polymers
( pp.771 - 777 )
Weihong LIU1), Tamaki NAKANO2) and Yoshio OKAMOTO3)

Synthesis of New Hole Transport Polymers Based on N, N´-Diphenyl-N, N´-bis (4-methylphenyl)-1, 4-phenylenediamine
( pp.778 - 783 )
Xiaoqing WANG1), Zhijian CHEN2), Kenji OGINO1), Hisaya SATO1), Seizo MIYATA2) and Huiming TAN3)

One-Pot Synthesis of Dendritic Polyamide III. Dendritic Polyamide from 5-[3-(4-Aminophenyl)propionylamino]isophthalic Acid Hydrochloride and 1, 1, 1-Tris(4-carboxymethyloxyphenyl)ethane as a Core Molecule
( pp.784 - 788 )
Teruaki HAYAKAWA1)4), Yoshitaka YAMAKAWA2), Masayoshi NOMURA1), Masaki OKAZAKI3), Kazuhiko TAKEUCHI4), Michihiko ASAI4) and Mitsuru UEDA1)2)3)

Solvent Effect on Structural Formation and Molecular Mobility of Polyvinyl Chloride Gels
( pp.789 - 795 )
Po-Da HONG1) and Hsing-Tsai HUANG1)

Monomer-Selective Living Copolymerization of t-Butyl Acrylate and Ethyl Methacrylate with t-Butyllithium/Bis(2, 6-di-t-butylphenoxy)methylaluminum
( pp.796 - 802 )
Tatsuki KITAYAMA1), Masato TABUCHI1) and Koichi HATADA2)

Conformational Analysis by IR and Birefringence Measurements for Poly(β-phenylpropyl L-aspartate) Exhibiting a Helical Sense Inversion in the Solid State
( pp.803 - 806 )
Koichi SAKAJIRI1), Satoshi SAEKI1), Susumu KAWAUCHI1) and Junji WATANABE1)



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