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Polymer Journal
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Control of Poly(styrene) Particles Size by In-Situ Polymerization
( pp.1 - 8 )
Shigeki Chujo1), Masayoshi Rikukawa1), Kohei Sanui1), Naoya Ogata2), Satoshi Koizumi3) and Takeji Hashimoto4)

Mechanism of Photo-Induced Liquid Crystal Alignment on a Poly(vinyl cinnamate) Thin Layer
( pp.9 - 12 )
Hee-Tak Kim1), Jong-Woo Lee1), Shi-Joon Sung1) and Jung-Ki Park1)

Miscibility, Morphology, and Thermal Characterization of an Acrylic/Styrenic Blend System. Poly(cyclohexyl methacrylate) and Poly(α-methyl styrene)
( pp.13 - 17 )
Li Ling Chang1) and Ea Mor Woo1)

Phase Transition of Cellulose Solutions in N-Methyl Morpholine N-Oxide Hydrates
( pp.18 - 26 )
Dong Bok Kim1), Wha Seop Lee2), Seong Mu Jo2), Young Moo Lee1) and Byoung Chul Kim1)

Composition Control of Copolymer in Semibatch Emulsion Copolymerization
I. Methyl Methacrylate/Styrene Two-Component System
( pp.27 - 37 )
Shih-Chang Hsu1), Wen-Yen Chiu1), Chia-Fen Lee2) and Herng-Show Chang3)

Enzymatic Degradation of Poly(ε-caprolactone) Fibers in vitro
( pp.38 - 41 )
Takanori Hayashi1), Hiroyoshi Kanai1) and Toshio Hayashi2)

New Quinone Polyetherurethane Cationomers. Synthesis of Some Ionenes Based on Hydroquinone Diamine
( pp.42 - 48 )
Emil C. Buruiana1) and Tinca Buruiana1)

Thermal Reaction Characterization of an Epoxy Molding Compound
( pp.49 - 53 )
Man Geng Lu1), Hyeong-Ki Choi2), Hong-Ki Lee3), Mi-Ja Shim4) and Sang Wook Kim5)

Morphology and Orientation of Crystallites of Simultaneous Biaxially Stretching Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Films Prepared by Gelation/Crystallization from Solutions
( pp.54 - 68 )
Teruo Nakashima1), Chunye Xu2), Yuezhen Bin2) and Masaru Matsuo2)

Thickness Dependence of Orientation Factors of Crystal Axes in Poly(vinylidene fluoride/trifluoroethylene) Single Crystalline Films
( pp.69 - 74 )
Mohammad A. Barique1), Masanori Sato1) and Hiroji Ohigashi1)

Nitroxide-Mediated Radical Polymerization of Styrene in Emulsion
( pp.75 - 80 )
Jizhuang Cao1), Junpo He1), Chengming Li1) and Yuliang Yang1)

Synthesis and Polymerization of Poly(N-substituted maleimide) Macromonomers
( pp.81 - 88 )
Tsutomu Oishi1), Yong-Kyung Lee1), Akira Nakagawa1), Kenjiro Onimura1) and Hiromori Tsutsumi1)

Relationship between Coloration of Polypropylene Gels and Wavelength Dispersions of Refractive Indices of Components
( pp.89 - 94 )
Hitoshi Fujimatsu1), Yukinori Ideta1), Hitoshi Nakamura1), Hisanao Usami1) and Shinji Ogasawara1)

Polyarylates Containing Sulfone Ether Linkages
( pp.95 - 101 )
Sheng-Huei Hsiao1) and Jiun-Hsiang Chiou1)

Monomer Reactivity Ratios and Q,e-Values of Trialkylsilyl Acrylates and Methacrylates
( pp.102 - 103 )
Hirotada Fujiwara1), Tadashi Narita1) and Hiroshi Hamana1)

Deformation of Poly(o-methoxyaniline) Film Induced by Polymer Conformation on Electrochemical Oxidation
( pp.104 - 107 )
Masamitsu Kaneko1) and Keiichi Kaneto1)

New Synthetic Route for Dextran Graft Copolymers Containing Thermo-Responsive Polymers
( pp.108 - 111 )
Kang Moo Huh1), Yoshikazu Kumashiro1), Tooru Ooya1) and Nobuhiko Yui1)



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