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Polymer Journal
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Ultracentrifugal Characterization of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) in Dilute Solutions
( pp.113 - 120 )
Seiji Ohoya1), Taiichi Hasegawa1), Kyoji Tsubakiyama1) and Togoro Matsuo1)

Comparative Study of Structural Parameters of Normal and Alkali Treated Polyester Fiber by SAXS, SEM, and Instron
( pp.121 - 127 )
Tankadhar Patel1) and Smrutiskha Bal1)

Phase Structure, Processability, and Mechanical Properties of Rodrun Liquid Crystalline 5000/Rodrun Liquid Crystalline 3000 Blends
( pp.128 - 132 )
Francisco Javier Vallejo1), José Ignacio Eguiazábal1) and Jon Nazábal1)

Effects of Anion and Solvent on Properties of Alternating Ethylene/CO Copolymer Catalyzed by the Pd(II) Complex
( pp.133 - 138 )
O-Yong Jeong1), Ki-Soo Lee1) and Son-Ki Ihm1)

Effect of Thermal History on the Phase Behavior of N-Methyl Morpholine N-Oxide Hydrates and Their Solutions of Cellulose
( pp.139 - 146 )
Dong Bok Kim1), Wha Seop Lee2), Seong Mu Jo2), Young Moo Lee1) and Byoung Chul Kim1)

Photografting of Maleic Anhydride on Low Density Polyethylene Powder in the Vapor Phase
( pp.147 - 149 )
Jun Gao1), Jingxin Lei1), Zujun Su1), Baoshan Zhang2) and Jian Wang2)

New Method for Preparation of Poly(enamino-enaryloxynitriles) and Thermal Properties
( pp.150 - 155 )
Ah-Seon Noh1), Ne-Ri Geum1) and Myoung-Seon Gong1)

Electrochemical Polymerization of 1,10-Decanedithiol in CH3CN
( pp.156 - 159 )
Kiyoshi Endo1) and Hang-Beom Bu1)

Aggregation of Polypeptide-Based Amphiphiles in Water
( pp.160 - 164 )
Tomokiyo Doi1), Takatoshi Kinoshita1), Hiroki Kamiya1), Shintaro Washizu2), Yoshiharu Tsujita1) and Hiroaki Yoshimizu1)

Novel Synthesis, Characterization, and Physical Properties of Self-Doped Sulfonated Polyaniline by Copolymerization between p-Aminodiphenylamine and o-Aminobenzenesulfonic Acid
( pp.165 - 171 )
Naonori Ohno1), Hung-Jen Wang2), Hu Yan1) and Naoki Tosnima1)

Inclusion Polymerization in Polymorphic Crystals of Cholic Acid
( pp.172 - 176 )
Kazunori Nakano1), Kazuki Sada2) and Mikiji Miyata2)

Hydroxyapatite Formation on/in Biodegradable Chitosan Hydrogels by an Alternate Soaking Process
( pp.177 - 181 )
Wanpen Tachaboonyakiat1), Takeshi Serizawa1) and Mitsuru Akashi1)

Synthesis of Polydiacetylenes from Novel Monomers Having Two Diacetylene Units Linked by an Arylene Group
( pp.182 - 189 )
Hiroshi Matsuzawa1), Shuji Okada1), Abhijit Sarkar1), Hiro Matsuda2) and Hachiro Nakanishi1)

Studies on Different Types of Hydrogen Bonds in Poly(vinyl alcohol) Films by 1H CRAMPS and Solid-State Two-Dimensional 1H-13C Heteronuclear Correlation Analyses
( pp.190 - 198 )
Kenji Masuda1), Hironori Kaji1) and Fumitaka Horii1)

Comparison of Crystal Structure between Low- and High-Temperature Phases of Diethyl (Z,Z)-muconate. A Trial to Investigate the Reasons Why the Solid-State Polymerization Reaction Is Ceased at Low Temperature
( pp.199 - 203 )
Seishi Saragai1), Kohji Tashiro1), Shinsuke Nakamoto1), Toshiya Kamae1), Akikazu Matsumoto2) and Takashi Tsubouchi2)

Synthesis and Characterization of New Soluble Cardo Polyamides Derived from 2,2-Bis[4-(4-carboxyphenoxy)phenyl]norbornane
( pp.204 - 208 )
Der-Jang Liaw1) and Been-Yang Liaw1)



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