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Home  >  Journal list  >  Polymer Journal  >  Vol.34 No.1 (2002)

Polymer Journal
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Lower Critical Solution Temperature Phase Behavior of Natural Rubber/Polybutadiene Blend
( p.1 )
Seiichi Kawahara1), Yasuhiro Asada1), Yoshinobu Isono1), Kiyoshige Muraoka2) and Yasuhisa Minagawa2)

Synthesis of Novel Chiral Poly(methacrylate)s Having Urea Moieties and (S)-Methylbenzyl or l-Phenylalanine Methyl Ester Groups and Their Chiral Recognition Abilities
( p.9 )
Yong-Kyung Lee1), Nobuo Hisamitsu1), Kenjiro Onimura1), Hiromori Tsutsumi1) and Tsutomu Oishi1)

Asymmetric Polymerization of N-1-Anthrylmaleimide with Diethylzinc-Chiral Ligand Complexes and Optical Resolution Using the Polymer
( p.18 )
Yukio Isobe1), Kenjiro Onimura1), Hiromori Tsutsumi1) and Tsutomu Oishi1)

Determination of Elastic Modulus of Spider’s Silks
( p.25 )
Shigeyoshi Osaki1) and Rie Ishikawa2)

Radiation Grafting of Polyethylene onto Conductive Carbon Black and Application as a Novel Gas Sensor
( p.30 )
Jinhua Chen1), Yasunari Maekawa2), Masaru Yoshida2) and Norio Tsubokawa3)

Effects of Geometrical Difference of Unsaturated Aliphatic Polyesters on Their Biodegradability II. Isomerization of Poly(maleic anhydride-co-propylene oxide) inthe Presence of Morpholine
( p.36 )
Shigenobu Takenouchi1), Akinori Takasu1), Yoshihito Inai1) and Tadamichi Hirabayashi1)

Formation of Poly(silsesquioxane) Gel Containing Optically Active 1,3-Dimethyl-1,3-diphenyldisiloxane as a Connecting Unit
( p.43 )
Makoto Seino1), Motoi Oishi1), Ichiro Imae1) and Yusuke Kawakami1)



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