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Polymer Journal
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Catalytic Behavior of Crosslinked Polystyrene Bound Platinum Complex in Hydrosilylation of Olefins
( p.97 )
Chengyou Kan1), Xiangzheng Kong2), Chimin Du2) and Deshan Liu1)

Effects of Shear on Melt Exfoliation of Clay in Preparation of Nylon 6/Organoclay Nanocomposites
( p.103 )
Seong Woo Kim1), Won Ho Jo1), Moo Sung Lee2), Moon Bae Ko3) and Jae Young Jho3)

Synthesis, Morphology and Application of Alkylaryl Hyperbranched Polyesters
( p.112 )
Li-Ming Tang1), Teng Qiu1), Xin-Lin Tuo1), Xiao-Long Zhang1) and De-Shan Liu1)

Synthesis and Characterization of Self-Associative Perfluoroalkyl-End-Capped Polystyrene
( p.117 )
Shin-ichi Yusa1), Tohei Yamamoto1), Akihito Hashidzume2) and Yotaro Morishima2)

Mechanical Properties of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Obtained with Different Cocatalyst Systems
( p.125 )
Galina Zamfirova1), José M. Pereña1), Rosario Benavente1), Ernesto Pérez1), María L. Cerrada1) and Emanuel Nedkov2)

A Study on Preparation of Functionalized Ultra-Fine Polypropylene Powder through a Mechanochemical Method
( p.132 )
Yuan Liu1) and Qi Wang1)

Controlled/“Living” Radical Ring-Opening Polymerization of 5,6-Benzo-2-Methylene-1,3-Dioxepane Based on Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer Mechanism
( p.138 )
Tao He1), Ying-Fang Zou1) and Cai-Yuan Pan1)

Chitosan-Coating of Cellulosic Materials Using an Aqueous Chitosan-CO2 Solution
( p.144 )
Yasuo Sakai1)2), Koichi Hayano2), Hiroe Yoshioka3), Takuya Fujieda4), Kieko Saito4) and Hisashi Yoshioka4)

Salt Addition Effects on Mesophase Structure and Optical Properties of Aqueous Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Solutions
( p.149 )
Yoshiyuki Nishio1), Ryotarou Chiba1), Yoshiharu Miyashita1), Kazuhiro Oshima2), Takashi Miyajima2), Noritaka Kimura2) and Hidematsu Suzuki2)

Liquid Crystalline and Fluorescent Properties of Semi-Rigid Poly(ester imide)s Derived from Bismethyl Ester and Bisalcohol Derivatives of 3,3’,4,4’- Biphenyltetracarboxdiimide
( p.158 )
Moriyuki Sato1), Yoshimi Nakamoto1) and Nobue Tanino1)

Preparation of Self-Organized Micro-Patterned Polymer Films Having Cell Adhesive Ligands
( p.166 )
Jin Nishida2), Kazutaka Nishikawa2), Shin-Ichiro Nishimura1), Shigeo Wada2), Takeshi Karino2), Takehiro Nishikawa3), Kuniharu Ijiro2) and Masatsugu Shimomura2)3)

Influence of the Type of Fiber on the Structure and Viscoelastic Relaxations in Composites Based on a Metallocenic Ethylene-1-octene Copolymer
( p.175 )
María L. Cerrada1), Rosario Benavente1), Galina Zamfirova1) and Ernesto Pérez1)

Effect of Nucleoplasmin on a Nucleosome Structure
( p.184 )
Akiko Iihara1), Koji Sato1), Kentaro Hozumi1), Masanori Yamada1)2), Hiroyuki Yamamoto2), Motoyoshi Nomizu1) and Norio Nishi2)

Synthesis and Properties of Organosoluble Poly(amide-imide-imide)s Based on Tetraimide-Dicarboxylic Acid Condensed from 4,4’-(Hexafluoroisopropylidene)diphthalic Anhydride, 1,4-Bis(4-aminophenoxy)benzene, and Trimellitic Anhydride, and Various Aromatic Diamines
( p.194 )
Chin-Ping Yang1), Ruei-Shin Chen1) and Ming-Jui Wang1)

Preparation and Properties of Poly(l-lactide)-block-poly(trimethylenecarbonate) as Biodegradable Thermoplastic Elastomer
( p.203 )
Ji-Heung Kim1) and Ju Hee Lee1)

Synthesis of Thermally Cross-Linkable Fluorine-containing Poly(aryl ether ketone)s I. Phenylethynyl Terminated Poly(aryl ether ketone)s
( p.209 )
Kunio Kimura1), Ai Nishichi1) and Yuhiko Yamashita1)

Polymerization Behavior of Poly(ether ketone) via Friedel–Crafts Acylation Studied by End-Group Analysis with 1H NMR
( p.219 )
Yoshimitsu Sakaguchi1), Kunio Kimura2), Manabu Omori2) and Yuhiko Yamashita2)

Synthesis and Properties of Novel Polyamides Based on a Benzonorbornane Dietheramine
( p.225 )
Sheng-Huei Hsiao1) and Tai-Lin Huang1)

Biodegradation of Biaxially Stretched Polyethylene-Starch Composite Films
( p.234 )
Teruo Nakashima1), Senkichi Nagasaki2), Hiraku Ito3), Chunye Xu4), Yuezhen Bin4) and Masaru Matsuo4)

Degradation of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Poly(styrene-co-m-divinylbenzene)s as Network-Polymer Precursors in SEC Columns
( p.242 )
Akira Matsumoto1), Hiroaki Oe1) and Hiroyuki Aota1)



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