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Polymer Journal
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Synthesis of Novel Pseudo Amino Acid/Functional ε-Caprolactone Polyesters and Photo-Cross-Linked Networks
( p.247 )
Ren-Shen Lee1) and Jen-Ming Yang2)

Fluorescence Probe and Scanning Force Microscopic Studies of Water Soluble Comb-Shaped Copolymers Consisting of a Hydrophobic Poly(p-alkylstyrene) Main Chainand Hydrophilic Poly(ethylene oxide) Grafted Chains
( p.253 )
Seigou Kawaguchi1), Mohd. Maniruzzaman1), Kouji Katsuragi1), Haruki Matsumoto, Iriany1), Koichi Ito1), Norbert Hugenberg2) and Manfred Schmidt2)

Control of Molecular Weight Distribution in Polycondensation Polymers. Polyamide Synthesis
( p.261 )
Yuji Shibasaki1), Tomoko Araki1), Masaki Okazaki1) and Mitsuru Ueda1)

The Wetting Process of a Dry Polymeric Hydrogel
( p.267 )
Shichen Ji1) and Jiandong Ding1)

Enhanced Electroluminescence of Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes with Direct Polyaniline Synthesized Anodes
( p.271 )
Chii-Chang Chen1), S.R. Hwang1), Wen-Hsien Li1), Kuan-Ching Lee1), Gou-Chung Chi1), Hsia-Tsai Hsiao2) and Chun-Guey Wu2)

Preparation and Properties of Novel Hyperbranched Poly(dimethylsiloxane)s
( p.275 )
Kyung-Mee Kim1), Mitsutoshi Jikei1) and Masa-aki Kakimoto1)

Stimuli-Responsive Polymers VI. Azobenzene Modified Copolyaramides with Chiral Helical Geometries: Influence of Rigid, Helix-Disrupting Segments on Physiochemical and Chiroptical Behavior
( p.280 )
Gary D. Jaycox1)

Rigid-Rod Polyesters with Flexible Side Chains IX. Phase Behavior Including Nematic, Layered, and Hexagonal Columnar Phases in Poly(p-biphenylene terephthalate) with Alkoxy Side Chains
( p.291 )
Kai Fu1), Nobuhiro Sekine1), Masato Sone1), Masatoshi Tokita1) and Junji Watanabe1)2)

Amine-Manganese Complex as an Efficient Catalyst for Polyurethane Syntheses
( p.298 )
Shin-ichi Inoue1), Yasuharu Nagai1) and Hiroshi Okamoto1)

A New Method to Synthesize Microcapsule and Its Application in Controllable Photodegradation of Polymers
( p.302 )
Faquan Yu1)2), Yanping Liu2) and Shuren Yao3)



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