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Polymer Journal
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Synthesis of Polythiophene Derivatives and Their Application for Electrochemical DNA Sensor
( pp.937 - 942 )
Seung Ku Kang1), Ji-Heung Kim2), Jeongho An1), Eun Kyu Lee3), Junhoe Cha4), Geunbae Lim4), Yong Soon Park5) and Dong June Chung1)

Preparation and Properties of PHEA/Chitosan Composite Hydrogel
( pp.943 - 948 )
Jeong Hoon Kim1), Sang Jun Sim1), Dong Hyun Lee1), Dukjoon Kim1), Young Kwan Lee1), Dong June Chung1) and Ji-Heung Kim1)

Synthesis of Graft Copolymer from Copolymerization of Styrene-terminated Poly(ethylene oxide) Macromonomer and Styrene with Ni(acac)2/Methylaluminoxane Catalyst
( pp.949 - 952 )
Kiyoshi Endo1) and Tomoaki Sugita1)

Re-evaluation of Propagation Rate Coefficient of Free-Radical Polymerization of N-Vinylcarbazole by the Rotating-Sector Technique
( pp.953 - 958 )
Masataka Ohoka1), Sadahito Misumi1), Hideo Ohkita1), Shinzaburo Ito1) and Masahide Yamamoto2)

Two-dimensional Correlation Gel Permeation Chromatography (2D GPC) Study of Aggregate–Aggregate Interactions during Polymerization of 3-(Triethoxysilyl)propyl-terminated Polystyrene
( pp.959 - 970 )
Keita Suzuki1), Jun-ichi Oku1), Kenichi Izawa2), Hiro-Fumi Okabayashi1), Isao Noda3) and Charmian J. O’Connor4)

Variation in Size and Shape of Hexaoxyethylene Dodecyl Ether C12E6 Micelles with Uptake of n-Dodecane and n-Dodecanol in Dilute Aqueous Solution
( pp.971 - 978 )
Yoshiyuki Einaga1), Yukari Totake1) and Hiroko Matsuyama1)

Fluorinated Polyimides Based on 3,3-Bis[4-(4-amino-2-trifluoromethylphenoxy)phenyl]phthalide
( pp.979 - 991 )
Chin-Ping Yang1), Hsun-Ching Chiang1) and Yu-Yang Su1)

Enzymatic Template Polymerization of Phenol in the Presence of Water-soluble Polymers in an Aqueous Medium
( pp.992 - 998 )
Young-Jin Kim1), Hiroshi Uyama1) and Shiro Kobayashi1)

Structure of Characteristic Sequences in Nephila clavipes Dragline Silk (MaSp1) Studied with 13C Solid State NMR
( pp.999 - 1003 )
Tetsuo Asakura1), Mingying Yang1) and Taiji Kawase1)



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