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Polymer Journal
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Pseudo-polyferrocene Coating of Double Stranded DNA with Ferrocenylnaphthalene Diimide and Its Application for Electrochemical Gene Detection
( pp.503 - 512 )
Shigeori Takenaka1)

Synthesis of Polyamide Dendrons Bearing Pyridine Groups as Multiple Hydrogen Bonding Parts on the Periphery
( pp.513 - 518 )
Takayuki Kouketsu1), Masa-aki Kakimoto1), Mitsutoshi Jikei2) and Sang Youl Kim3)

Effect of Silica Nanoparticle on the Quiescent and the Shear Induced Crystallization Behaviors of Poly(trimethylene terephthalate)
( pp.519 - 530 )
Yunku Nam1), Kwang Bo Shim2), Seong Hun Kim1) and Byoung Chul Kim1)

Synthesis of Fluorine-containing Poly(acetal)s by the Polyaddition of Bisphenol AF with Divinyl Ether Compounds and Their Photoinduced Depolymerization
( pp.531 - 537 )
Yousuke Konno1), Kazuaki Matsumura1), Hiroto Kudo1), Atsushi Kameyama1) and Tadatomi Nishikubo1)

Preparation of Partially Deuterium-labeled Poly(4-trimethylsilylstyrene)s and Unperturbed Dimensions in Bulk
( pp.538 - 541 )
Masashi Harada1), Takahisa Suzuki1), Masayuki Ohya1), Atsushi Takano1) and Yushu Matsushita1)

Synthesis of Novel Well-defined End-functional Macrophotoinitiator of Poly(ε-caprolactone) by Ring-opening Polymerization
( pp.542 - 548 )
Mustafa Degirmenci1)

Microspheres of Conducting Poly(N-methylaniline)
( pp.549 - 555 )
Rahul Patil1), Kei Sanada1), Xiaoqing Jiang1), Yutaka Harima1), Kenji Masaoka2), Sumio Yamasaki2) and Jun Yano3)

Surface Enrichment and Bulk Morphology in Mixtures of Poly(methyl methacrylate) with Poly(dimethylsiloxane)
( pp.556 - 559 )
Kazunori Seki1), Yongjun Lee2), Isamu Akiba3) and Saburo Akiyama1)

Preparation of Polysilane/Gold Bilayer Using Polysilane/2-(Methylthio)ethyl Methacrylate Block Copolymer
( pp.560 - 562 )
Yukihito Matsuura1), Hiroshi Inoue1) and Kimihiro Matsukawa1)

Anisotropy in Thermal Expansion in Rubber Toughened Polypropylene —Injection Molded System—
( pp.563 - 566 )
Michio Ono1), Junichiro Washiyama2), Ken Nakajima2) and Toshio Nishi2)

Convenient Synthetic Method for 1,2,3,6-Tetra-O-Acetyl-β-D-Glucopyranose: A Starting Material for β(1→4)-D-Glucan
( pp.567 - 569 )
Kenichi Hatanaka1)2), Shin Takakura2)3), Kohsaku Okuyama2), Maria Carmelita Z. Kasuya2) and Ken-ichi Kanno3)

Comparative Study of Effects of Thio/Oxo Ester Linkages on Thermal Properties of Bacterial Poly[3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-(mercapto/hydroxy)propionate]s
( pp.570 - 573 )
Shogo Tanaka1), Lidan Feng1) and Yoshio Inoue1)

Unusual Thermal Degradation Behavior of PEGMA in Air at Different Heating Rates
( pp.574 - 576 )
Jiann-Wen Huang1) and Chiun-Chia Kang2)



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